GP Manila 2017

For a moment Marvel seemed unbeatable, but that moment is over.

Spell Queller is back big time!

From (EX+): 3,25 € Price Trend: 4,86 €

Quell them All

This spirit was a big deal when Collected Company was the best card in Standard, but had been forgotten when Company rotated and his buddy Reflector Mage was banned. Now it was time for Spell Queller to come back to save Standard from getting dominated by Aetherworks Marvel. So far control decks had some issues beating Marvel with counter-magic because the Marvel player could just board Negate and Dispel to fight back quite efficiently, forcing Marvel through a little later. Both of those spells don't work at all against Spell Queller though!

The word of Spell Queller being the great savior was travelling fast before the event, leading to players using it in various decks. Many players modified Mardu vehicles to turn it into either Esper vehicles or 4 color variants just to be able to run Queller and sometimes Metallic Rebuke as their only blue cards. Early threats have always been a problem for Marvel decks. Backing those efficient attackers up with Spell Quellers to stop the key spell, which could turn the tide, is an effective solution.

Vehicles had dropped off the radar at the Pro Tour only to be back in full force now after this decisive transformation, but GP Manila was in fact won by an archetype which had not been on top of the metagame for much longer: White-Blue Flash!

Spiritual Guidance

This archetype can bring so much Marvel hate in the main deck that it probably can't ever lose a game without series mana issues. Selfless Spirit to protect Spell Queller from removal, Thalia, Heretic Cathar to potentially mess with their fourth land drop, Negate to counter the Marvel, Cast Out to remove a resolved one, and Stasis Snare to remove Ulamog. That is an absurd amount of answers against Marvel compared to what other decks have at their disposal – and there is more after sideboarding.

Glory-Bound Initiate can start the beatdown early while you keep passing the turn, ready to flash in Archangel Avacyn or cast all your other answers at instant speed.

Make no mistake though! This deck doesn't seem to be a one-trick pony, which only had to beat one archetype all the way to the title due to lucky pairings. In fact Tamada faced B/G Constrictor, R/G Pummeler and Esper vehicles during the Top8 rounds, even defeating the first two 2-0 each. Beating both aggro and combo is an impressive feat and I can easily see the contents of this deck spike in value as players flock towards it.

Spell Queller was selling above 10 € nine months ago, so this might rise significantly from the current price in the coming days.


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