GP San Antonio 2017

Team events are awesome - and they push deck builders to get more creative!

There was a Team Unified Modern Grand Prix last weekend in San Antonio. In that format there is a maximum of four copies per card considering all three decks, making some deck combinations impossible to play. Even in that format Death's Shadow remained the most popular deck on the top tables, claiming a seat in three of the Top4 teams, with the fourth team opting for a low to the ground Jund deck without the Shadow. Tron and Affinity are always popular in that format as well, as they don't overlap with the more colorful decks of the format. You can find the top decks in the coverage, but today I am more interested in something that remained a little further below the radar. Pascal Maynard played a new breed of Ironworks combo to a 12-2 record. As you might know, I am a fan of the archetype and have written about it in the past. Since then there has been a new card released for the archetype though, which may have helped pushing it to a higher tier. There must have been a convincing reason for Maynard to play Ironworks over traditional Affinity, because it gets hit hard by the same hate cards after boarding as Affinity, while also being weak to graveyard hate at the same time. It seems as if the deck can just keep on drawing cards while generating more and more mana without even casting Open the Vaults anymore now thanks to Scrap Trawlers.

Once you have a Krark-Clan Ironworks and a Trawler, every Ichor Wellspring costs you no mana but draws two cards and returns a Chromatic Star to your hand. The Star even generates one net mana and draws another card while returning a Everflowing Chalice, or Hangarback Walker, or Mox Opal to your hand – all of which generate two or three extra mana. Both of those X-drops can be cast for 8 to trigger Sanctum of Ugin to find the singleton Emrakul, the Aeons Torn to win the game. I am not convinced that this is the best possible version yet, but that just makes the deck even more exciting for investing purposes.

What should you consider regarding Ironwork finance?

Maynard's list uses multiple cards which have been expected to be in MM17, but have in fact not been reprinted. Those cards' prices are already inflated. They may see another spike this week when Maynard will most likely publish an article on his deck, but in general these are cards which you should not expect to hold for a long time:

Mox Opal From(EX+): 33,90 €  Price Trend: 37,87 €

Grove of the Burnwillows From(EX+): 23,95 €  Price Trend: 26,71 €

Engineered Explosives From(EX+): 25,00 €  Price Trend: 29,72 €

Ancient Stirrings From(EX+): 3,50 €  Price Trend: 5,32 €

A quick flip may work on those cards for you, but maybe it makes more sense to look into acquiring the relatively recent cards, which weren't used in the archetype before? They are quite cheap and won't be reprinted any time soon, so picking them up before the deck takes off, sounds reasonable:

Scrap Trawler From(EX+): 0,04 €  Price Trend: 0,37 €

Sanctum of Ugin From(EX+): 0,20 €  Price Trend: 0,89 €

Inventors' Fair From(EX+): 0,20 €  Price Trend: 0,75 €

Everflowing Chalice From(EX+): 0,02 €  Price Trend: 0,12 €

Padeem, Consul of Innovation From(EX+): 0,02 €  Price Trend: 0,18 €

Maynard's Teammates Shaheen Soorani and Brian Braun-Duin were fine with him playing this deck, so I think we will see more of it in the near future. Picking up the cheap pieces and waiting for the expensive cards to be reprinted at some point, sounds like a valid strategy for just about everybody.

What do you think?


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