Hour of Presale

The Hour of Devastation is nearly upon us!

The Hour of Devastation is nearly upon us! It's only nine more days until Prerelease weekend, and the preview phase is closing in on completion. I haven't been writing very much about the set yet, because I found it to be lacking good opportunities. I called out Solemnity - the biggest deal of the set – as soon as it was revealed though. I hope you pre-ordered your copies below 3 € just like I did. By now the price is heading towards 6 €, and many of the respective combo cards I talked about have gained lots of value as well.

Claim // Fame is the other obvious card that will see Modern play, due to its synergy with Tarmogoyf and Death's Shadow but I don't see enough upside at the current price any more. It is not going to be played in Legacy and probably not in Standard either due to the format missing a broken 1- or 2-drop.

There are lots of fine cards for Standard, but none of the other cards really stood out as extremely under-priced. Most rares and mythics in the set are either Legendary, or have a high casting cost, or are situational, or have downsides, all of which usually prevents a card from seeing play as a 4-of.

Unexpectedly seeing play as a 4-of is one of the best reasons for a card's price to spike though. Therefore I prefer cheap to cast, versatile cards, which start pre-selling at low prices.

Here are some examples of cards, which could spike at some point, but picking them up at their current prices won't break the bank either.

Abrade  From(EX+): 0,13 € 

Having options is always great. This card allows you to main deck artifact removal at virtually no deck building cost, as Abrade can also function as your early game removal without losing much quality.

Fraying Sanity  From(EX+): 0,68 €

I think this card will be great in Modern mill decks. These decks may be having a hard time with the current speed of the format, but doubling the efficiency of all your mill effects sounds like a good start. You also get to mill them for all their fetchlands and spells hitting their graveyard. Two of these actually stack up nicely by turning a single Archive Trap into a lethal spell by effectively milling 52 cards.

Adorned Pouncer  From(EX+): 0,25 €

This kitty can trade with bears, but can easily become a real threat with some global buffs like Always Watching or Gideon's emblem due to its double strike ability. A decent early game card for white aggro decks, which gives you late game reach as well once you start bringing back 4/4 double strikers from your grave.

Talking about bears:

Resilient Khenra   From(EX+): 0,43 €

Resilient Khenra is a similar card with a little bit of extra versatility. If you manage to already have a creature to pump with the Khenra, you can keep aggressively attacking while building up your board at the same time. Sounds good for a card that gives you decent late game options as well.

Ramunap Excavator  From(EX+): 3,00 €

There are some effects you prefer to see on artifacts instead of on creatures which die to Lightning Bolt, but Crucible of Worlds is a 30 € card by now, so paying 3,50 € for Ramunap Excavator might be a reasonable alternative for some players. Playing your cycled lands from your graveyard in Standard isn't as good as a Wasteland lock, but it is a decent way to generate card advantage as well.

What are your favorite hidden value cards from Hour of Devastation?


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