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I had lots of productive meetings in Essen, made some new contacts, and ran into lots of gamers, whom I hadn't seen in a long time. I am very much looking forward to working with various publishers on the prototypes I was presenting this year.

There is hardly time to be sad that Essen Spiel is vanishing in the rear mirror though, as the next events are right in front of us:

This weekend Pro Tour Ixalan will present us with the newest tech for Standard and Ixalan Booster Draft. It seems like most Pro Players don't like Ixalan Draft very much for being too easy. Maybe we get to see some cool new Standard tech though if that was all the best players could focus on for this event.

If you prefer formats with more options, we also have you covered this weekend thanks to the MKM Series! The final stop of 2017 will happen in Barcelona and it will be especially exciting due to the Power 8 rewards for the next season. All the efforts of the eight most successful players will be rewarded with appearance prizes at all six stops in 2018 (we added one extra stop to the Series as well). The current Top 8 features some high caliber names like Julian Knab, Johannes Gutbrod, and Rodrigo Togores, but at the last event lots of players could still catch up with them. Of course, there are different prizes inside the Power 8 as well, so everybody will be giving their best to take the first place from Dennis Zens, who is currently leading the race by a small margin after he had a great weekend at MKMS Hamburg. Join us in Barcelona, or follow the action on our coverage page!

As usual, Legacy and Modern will be our most attended formats, and it will be exciting to see the evolution of those formats after the results of Eternal Weekend and the emergence of the new Humans deck.

Human Development

Talking of Humans: I gave you a warning after the deck won the SCG Modern Open in convincing fashion. It only took one more event for the deck to claim another trophy (in the hands of a different player). Hopefully you went in early. By now, some card prices have already spiked and chasing Meddling Mage and Ancient Ziggurat now isn't going to gain you all that much value anymore.

The deck is obviously real though, and the pieces will continue to climb every time the deck shows up in coverage. This means that you should still get all the cards now if you want to play it (other than the upcoming Iconic Masters reprints Aether Vial and Horizon Canopy). You can also try to go a little deeper on the cards that didn't gain that much value, yet.

As I suggested a week ago Dark Confidant showed up in the sideboard of the winning list this week. There are various other Humans with interesting applications for specific match-ups still to be found. Picking them up early can pay out nicely. Orzhov Pontiff might help versus Affinity, or Kambal, Consul of Allocation against Storm and control.

Don't forget to pick up the unusual Humans cards that already show up in the sideboards of the winning decks like Vithian Renegades and Xathrid Necromancer either.

The most expensive Human in the deck leads us to talking about the upcoming Promo cards:

Human Promotion

Noble Hierarch will be the next RPTQ Promo. Due to being Foil and released in small amounts, these promos won't affect the price of the regular version much. In fact, this might even cause the price to go up because the printing of the promo makes a regular reprint in Masters 25 a little less likely.

Mutavault will be the next GP Promo, which will be given out in much higher quantities than the RPTQ Promo. Prices for all the existing foil variants have already been dropping significantly, as players are trying to move their cards in response. Regular versions will become cheaper as well in the process.


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MKM-Insight(2017-11-02 12:32)

Cavern of Souls will definitely start rising again over time. It is one of the most broken lands and the MM17 reprint at Mythic can't suppress the price for very long. The Humans deck might speed up the process a little, but don't expect sudden spikes. The price is going to slowly creep up over time.

uchiham(2017-11-02 07:38)

Hello! Do you think that "Cavern of Souls" will rise up again? It is a necessary land for this new deck.