It is just a phase

How about some foreshadowing regarding the Dominaria storyline?

Wow, that phasing hype built up really fast!

Last Friday I wrote about Teferi's Protection that it “is a really cool and splashy card” and that “it will be a fan favorite in the beginning”. I thought of this card as an early buy, meant to be sold into the hype once it sets in. I didn't expect the hype to sent the price from 3,50 € upwards to close to 10 € when I “looked away for a moment” to celebrate my birthday though – especially given that we will still be in the Presale phase for 10 days. The current price is really high in comparison to the price of the entire deck and as a dealer you should be happy to sell it at this price even if it would end up the most desired card of C17. As a player I would rather buy the entire Vampire deck instead. I am not saying that it is a bad or unexciting card (on the contrary), just that it is a sell at this price compared to the price of the deck.

Teferi´s Protection won´t win many games????? Are u serious?”

Yes, I am serious. The “you can't really lose the game for one turn” part of the card isn't all that powerful. Of course, there are all these theoretically awesome scenarios when you can cast Teferi's Protection in the same turn as your own or somebody else's mass removal (or mass land destruction) spell. In theory you keep your stuff, everybody else doesn't and you cruise towards an easy victory. Awesome, right? Now let's think this through completely with a case differentiation:

In two player duel commander your chances of another player playing mass removal are severly diminished. Not only do these decks play less mass removal, but there is also only one other player who could decide that it was a great idea to cast one in any given turn cycle. Leaving three mana open for multiple turns is probably not creating a board state forcing them to do so. At the same time duel commander decks are more streamlined to win earlier, making it harder for you to cast both the mass removal spell and Teferi's Protection yourself in the same turn (before you run out of life points).

In a multiplayer game your chance become much better. There is more mass removal in all decks and there are more players who could feel threatened by something on the board to cast mass removal into your three open mana. Games also tend to go longer, so you can realistically cast both cards yourself. Great!

Too bad that all those other players might also prefer not to be blown out by your stunt and interact with you in all kinds of inconvenient ways. Somebody might counter your Teferi's Protection, or the mass removal itself. Somebody might have their own copy of Teferi's Protection, or they might Fork or Commandeer your phasing spell, or all the instant removal of the entire table might get thrown at your creatures in response, leaving you with an empty board as well. If it was “only” a Wrath of God, not an Armageddon effect, then (depending on turn order) multiple players might still get to take a reasonable turn of rebuilding their board, dramatically reducing the effect of saving your creatures for a savage attack.

Depending on your playgroup you might get some sweet play out of it, just be prepared for diminishing returns once the card is a known part of a white commander's arsenal.

The biggest effect this card will actually have is getting Balance banned in duel commander, which should have been banned before already anyway.

Do you think I am wrong? Will this card be 30 € and the deck be 50 € in a few weeks? Let us know your thoughts!


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lisa1985(17.08.2017 15:40)

And btw: How do u want to play against white when someone has this card in his deck and has 3 untappt lands???? U do not know if he really has this card on his hand! How u play this situation??? U will see: When u fake to have this card, a lot of enemies are really in a gamble situation which they will lose........

IrenicusShadow(16.08.2017 18:59)

I'm with lisa1985.
It's a great card against nearly everything - except draw/milling. At best it's a neckbreaking spell turning complete destruction into a horrible advantage. Normaly it counters an removal or shields you against a combo or can be abused by yourself. At worst it's just a some kind of fog. It's skill intensive but also iconic... I think it's the Deepglow Skate // Confluence // Containment Priest // Toxic Deluge for this years commander set. Yes - no True Name Nemesis - but I'll think it will raise to 10 €, come down after release to about 5 € and then raise up to 10 € over the year... - I'm going in. :-)

lisa1985(15.08.2017 23:30)

Sorry, but the things which can happen to Teferi´s protection are the same things that can happen to each Magic card. Off course every card has it´s weakness but look at this card and think about all the finisher, mass removals etc. of other players u can use to ur advantage.... damnation --> weak ; sneak attack + emrakul --> useless, 20 tokens and full attack --> i am not interested in .....

I am interested in the card u think will reach 20 Euro when u think that this one hasn´t the value of 10 Euro .... Maybe : U win the game . That could be enough for u ? ;) :D