Japanese Legacy

GP Kyōto was the first Asian Legacy Grand Prix ever and it was a large success. With its 1943 competitors it basically dwarfed the simultaneous 1138 player event in Krakow.

While the western world was playing or watching the Standard Grand Prix in Krakow, there was another Grand Prix on the other side of the world. GP Kyōto was the first Asian Legacy Grand Prix ever and it was a large success. With its 1943 competitors it basically dwarfed the 1138 player event in Krakow, despite Krakow luring in a lot of additional players, who stayed in Europe a little longer after PT Brussels. Hopefully these attendance numbers convince Wizards to increase the number of Legacy Grand Prix per year.

Three OmniTell players, one Esper Stoneblade and one Charbelcher/Storm deck remained undefeated after nine rounds on day 1. All kinds of Delver variants (57) and OmniTell (39) were represented the most on day two. It might actually not be fair to just add up all Delver decks as one archetype, because the overlap between Esper Delver and Temur Delver might actually be smaller than the overlap between other decks which got listed as different archetypes.

It's a miracle!

Just 18 players tried to perform miracles on the second day, but two of them “top-decked” enough to earn themselves a spot in the top8. They ended up on different sides of the bracket and plowed through their respective halves to meet in the final.

Miracles is a blue-white control deck, that (ab-)uses Brainstorm and Sensei's Divining Top to set up miracle spells like Terminus and/or lock the opponent out of the game with Counterbalance. This deck is far from being new or exciting, but that is not relevant from an investor's perspective. The deck just finished first and second in a ~2000 player Grand Prix, which might convince more players to pick up the cards for this deck in the future (before realizing they are mechanically too slow to finish three games with this deck in time). We are approaching Modern Masters 2015, so we should try to avoid potential reprints like Vendilion Clique, as long as the set is not spoiled completely. Considering that, Sensei's Divining Top and Counterbalance are the best long term investments from that archetype. Top won't get reprinted in MM15, as it is banned in Modern. Counterbalance is a pretty useless card without Top, so it is also very unlikely to be in MM15. Entreat the Angels is a decent card to invest into as well, because it is mythic and too new to be available for MM15. But it is just a 2-of, that some Miracle lists are not even using at all, while the other two cards are the defining cards of the archetype.

Sensei's Divining Top (CoK) From (EX+): 9,00€ Price Trend: 12,42€

Sensei's Divining Top (FtV:E) From (EX+): 34,00€ Price Trend: 33,70€

Counterbalance From (EX+): 5,49€ Price Trend: 7,23€

Entreat the Angels From (EX+): 7,89€ Price Trend: 8,82€

There has already been a lot of recent action regarding the From the Vault Diving Tops, as you can see reflected in the starting price being higher than the trend, despite the trend being extremely positive.

If you prefer your Legacy investments to be less archetype specific and/or a lot more expensive, Takahashi's winning decklist offers the usual Legacy staples of Tundra, Volcanic Island, Karakas, Wasteland and Jace, the Mind Sculptor as well. None of these will be in MM15 either (Jace is banned in Modern), but the last three are not generally safe from reprint, as only the duals are on the reserved list.


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