Kill 'em all

Innistrad surely doesn't disappoint, with regard to both flavour and power level.

Innistrad surely doesn't disappoint, with regard to both flavour and power level. I looked at powerful creatures and planeswalkers in recent articles, but it seems like we also get some great spells to deal with those monsters:

Anguished Unmaking From(EX+): 5,80 €  Price Trend: 6,57 €

We have already seen indestructible triggers and recurring effects, and Delirium counts card types in the graveyard, so removal that exiles instead of destroying could be preferable in the new Standard. A starting price of 6 € is pretty high for a rare removal during pre-sale though, so how good is this card really? Committing to two colours for your removal may be a harsh price to pay on deck construction without fetchlands. Between OGW creaturelands, ORI painlands and Innistrad taplands enemy colour mana bases should work fine, but you probably can't add a third colour easily. Let's assume we want to be Orzhov anyway and the mana is no problem. As an optimist you would call this an instant Vindicate that exiles. As a pessimist you might see a slightly cheaper Utter End that costs you 3 life. Being instant is a big deal, as we saw with Hero's Downfall, which was a format defining card, while Ruinous Path was irrelevant. Anguished Unmaking could be even more flexible than Downfall in theory if relevant artifacts or enchantments saw play, but that has rarely been the case in Standard in recent times. Losing three life might hurt a little less in a format without fetchland-induced life loss, but it can still add up quickly and cause you to lose games if you draw multiples and are under pressure. Not being able to kill a creatureland is another disadvantage that might come up more often than you think with future manabases, which will most likely always contain four creaturelands (complete your playsets if you haven't done so yet!). Which leads us to our next new removal:

To the Slaughter From(EX+): 2,22 €  Price Trend: 2,78 €

This card is a rare as well, but is pre-selling for half as much. This is potentially interesting as it might end up seeing more play and therefore could be the better card to buy. It is definitely worse against token spam and against recursion, but it has a lot of upsides as well. It costs just one black mana, which makes it playable in a lot more decks, and even in B/W you would be able to cast it more reliably. If you can keep the board under control, it works exactly like a targeted removal, but can even get rid of hexproof and indestructible creatures (Dragonlord Ojutai doesn't rotate out). In the mid and late game (once you reach Delirium) you can even remove a creature and a planeswalker, or at least prevent your opponent from putting both those card types into play at the same time by threatening that 2-for-1. Did I mention that To the Slaughter doesn't deal three damage to you?

There are still a lot of unknown variables at this time. Maybe B/W is the only viable black deck, maybe exiling is extremely important, or G/W tokens is the dominant deck. Pre-ordering before the entire set is spoiled is always risky, but I would think that these two cards are equally likely to see Standard play. Given that, it seems odd that you can get 10 copies of To the Slaughter for the price of a playset of Anguished Unmaking at the moment.

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