Knight of the Legacy

Legacy was shaken up by the DTT banning. Where is the format heading now?

As different as knight and day

Knight of the Reliquary  Price Trend: 11,66 €

One month ago I suggested buying these knights. Since then they have doubled their value from 5 € to 10 € without seeing more tournament play than before. In combination with Retreat to Coralhelm it was expected to become the backbone of a relevant modern deck. Surprisingly the combo had its break out performance in Legacy first, with the deck finishing in 4th place at the SCG Legacy Open in St. Louis! While most modern versions I saw so far were adding the combo into an aggressive creature deck to have access to an alternate path to victory, the Legacy version has better options to find the pieces with Green Sun's Zenith and Brainstorm and making sure they resolve and remain in play with Force of Will, Daze and Vendilion Clique. I expect further price increases thanks to this first success on the big stage, because more players will now try to build and improve the deck in both formats.

Value town

The other big deck of the tournament does not need any one specific card to win, but wants to fight a battle of attrition instead. Before Prague I predicted Shardless Sultai to come back into the format in full force. It was indeed the 4th most played deck in Prague, but it didn't claim a Top8 spot. A weekend later in St. Louis it was the most represented deck in day two, unless you add all the different Delver strategies together into a single category. It was also the only deck with two copies in the Top8, but both pilots lost their quarter-finals. The deck is definitely tier one again and I expect its signature cards to rise in price, or at least stop their recent decline soon.

Ancestral Vision  Price Trend: 4,78 €

Baleful Strix  Price Trend: 4,58 €

Abrupt Decay  Price Trend: 12,78 €

Shardless Agent  Price Trend: 14,06 €

Remember though that we are getting close to the release date of the 2015 Commander decks (November 13), which will feature 2-colour decks of enemy colours. Commander decks are one of the rare ways how Wizards can create new cards or reprint cards for the Eternal formats only, without making them Standard legal. Shardless Agent has just been printed once, and is an enemy colour card, that is approaching 15€ despite being an uncommon. It is not your typical big and flashy Commander card, but I could see it come back to improve the value of the U/G deck, especially as there aren't any other products it would fit in, because it is not Modern legal (so it can't be in any future Modern Masters set, like Abrupt Decay could). Waiting two more weeks before getting your agents is the safer play, especially if you are planning to buy some commander decks anyway.

Here is the important part of the product description:

„Choose your commander for this unique multiplayer Magic format. New cards offer new play options, and experience counters will make your commander grow in power during the course of each game. Two-color decks allow for surprising synergies and opportunities to devastate your foes.

The set will feature five two-color—enemy pair—100-card Commander decks, along with 55 new Magic cards legal in Eternal formats (Vintage and Legacy), but not legal in Standard, Block Constructed, or Modern. Each deck will contain fifteen new cards.“

Dark times

In the meantime Dark Jeskai solidified its reputation as the best Standard deck at Grand Prix Quebec. But just like in Prague there was a ramp deck in the Top8 again, and it was first after the Swiss as well, starting 12-1 before drawing in. These ramp decks are really good against midrange decks, which form most of the format right now. This might be your last chance to get Ulamog before its price starts increasing again.

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger  From (EX+): 10,00 €


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