MKMS Prague 2017 Legacy

We saw epic cards, epic battles, and epic matches in Legacy and Vintage at MKMS Prague!

“Lands” is still a great Legacy deck. In a field of 295 players only 9 chose to play it (3% of the field), but one of them made the Top 8. In fact Steffen Möller came extremely close to taking down the Legacy main event in Prague without losing a single match with his RUG version of Lands! He used blue for a package of Academy Ruins, Engineered Explosives, and Tolaria West to include yet another angle of recurring control cards.

After a 7-0 start into the event Möller was able to draw twice to secure his spot in the elimination rounds. From there he proceeded to beat BUG Delver and Grixis Delver without even dropping a single game. In the final match he was even up one game before our eventual back-to-back champion Johannes Gutbrod managed to beat him twice.

An epic conclusion of the weekend

Too bad that we didn't get to tell the epic story of Steffen Möller's perfect Legacy victory, but Gutbrod's repeat victory with a different deck was probably even more impressive.

Those two story-lines were probably also the most relevant for Legacy finance. First of all, Johannes proved that Miracles isn't dead at all after the bannings, although the name might not really be all that fitting anymore. His new version should rather be called a Mentor deck, which can also operate as a control deck and is using the classic blue-white tools of counter-magic, Swords to Plowshares, and Terminus, but can switch to a fast beat-down mode in a heartbeat thanks to a full playset of Monastery Mentor.

Decks based on Monastery Mentor have been winning Vintage main events left and right at the MKM Series in the past, and this weekend Tom De Decker did so once again by combining that card with Paradoxical Outcome. Vintage doesn't sell cards in relevant numbers, but the power level of the card has been obvious for a long time. Nonetheless, this mythic rare still remains comparably cheap, and foil prices have actually been trending downward since the banning of Top. With two Miracle Mentor lists in the Top 8 in Prague this trend could easily reverse very soon. There are definitely worse cards than Foil Mentors to stash away for the future.

With two lists based on Stoneforge Mystic in the Legacy Top 8 as well, the rumored demise of Tundra decks was clearly unwarranted.

The other big story was about “Lands”. As this deck doesn't have a lot of overlap at all with the rest of the format, and uses some really expensive cards, not a lot of players can just switch to playing it only because they like how it is positioned in the metagame right now. This means that success doesn't necessarily result in increased sales for those unique cards.

Nonetheless, I was expecting the players who own those expensive cards anyway to experiment with Solemnity and come up with a different version using white. I guess it just takes a little longer to fine-tune a Legacy deck enough to feel confident enough that you will be able to keep up with the well-known entities. Stephane Roumanille decided that he was ready to unleash the beast in Vintage though! He combined Solemnity with Dark Depths and Mystic Remora to do some really broken things. Obviously, Monastery Mentor provided a nice alternate path to victory in his deck by going wide, whenever a single 20/20 creature wasn't enough. This new approach was good enough for him to reach the Top 4 in the Vintage main event, before he fell to the eventual champion, who had some absurd draws in that semifinal.

As I said before, Vintage results don't affect card prices much, but this good result for a Solemnity deck could cause Legacy players to brew more enthusiastically with that card than they did before.

So far the From the Vault: Realms Foil Glacial Chasm has already climbed from 3,50 € to 8 € since my last article - without tournament results to back it up, yet. Taking your gains and moving on is an acceptable option, but I remain optimistic that we will see Solemnity Lands lists with lots of Chasms sooner or later. In that case your profits in the future could be drastically higher than they are by now.

What was your favorite take away from Prague? Did you get some sweet card alterations done by Mark Poole? Let us know in the comments!


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