MM17 Spoilers Part1

What a nice surprise!

Fetching nice prices

What a nice surprise! The enemy fetchlands will be part of Modern Masters 2017. This should get a lot of players excited for the set. Whether it is for Modern, Legacy, Vintage or Commander – fetchlands are great in every format. In some decks you were able to replace them with the cheaper variants “recently” reprinted in Khans of Tarkir, but sometimes it is just better to have the enemy fetchlands in your deck or want to use both. The reprint at rare (not mythic) will send the price downward quite a bit – obviously not as much as a reprint in a 2€ Booster pack set would have, but still quite a bit. The panic selling has already started and the price will drop further on release (unless the other cards of the set were horrible).

Scalding Tarn

Misty Rainforest

Verdant Catacombs

Arid Mesa

Marsh Flats

Here are the other big cards revealed today:


Goblin Guide

Restoration Angel

Damnation is going to drop towards half its former price. I hope you sold your copies when I warned you about this card. The same is true about Goblin Guide. It is a stupid card, seeing only play in one archetype and therefore the price will finally "normalize".

These are the limited archetypes used in the set:

  • White-Blue Blink—Use creatures with enter-the-battlefield abilities and ways to reuse these abilities
  • Blue-Black Instant Control—Use lots of instants and counterspells to control the board
  • Black-Red Unearth—An aggressive deck that uses creatures with unearth to keep attacking
  • Red-Green Go Wide—Make tokens and use cards that make them all bigger
  • Green-White Populate—Take advantage of the populate mechanic from Return to Ravnica

Obviously, these themes are mostly realized with the commons and uncommons of the set, but it wouldn't be surprising to see fitting cards in the highest rarities as well. So which cards become a little more likely to also be in the set, knowing those draft archetypes? Maybe we see Vendilion Clique (and other Faeries) reprinted once more, as it fits both the U/W as well as the U/B archetype perfectly (just like Snapcaster Mage which everybody expects to be in the set anyways).

Bloodghast could be part of the aggressive Unearth strategy (although it doesn't have unearth itself), as it is a great fit with the fetchland cycle as well!

Voice of Resurgence would be a premium card for the G/W Populate strategy just by creating one of the best tokens in the game, which you would be really happy to copy. It is also a great hoser for the blue instant archetypes. Doubling Season is another obvious fit for G/W Populate. Given that we also get Shard-Trilands, and the set is build to support 3-color decks as well, Noble Hierarch becomes more likely to be back, helping us to build Bant decks.

Reading between the lines

Can we extract anything else from the known information? After all we would prefer to buy the cards which won't be reprinted, instead of only panic-selling the cards that will be in the set. Wizards made it a little harder to do so by “hiding” the collector numbers on some of the revealed cards, but I reconstructed them for you:

??? Arcane Sanctum

229 Arid Mesa

230 Azorius Guildgate

231 Boros Guildgate

232   ???

233 Crumbling Necropolis

234 Dimir Guildgate

235 Golgari Guildgate

236 Gruul Guildgate

237 Izzet Guildgate

238 Jungle Shrine

239 Marsh Flats

240 Misty Rainforest

241 Orzhov Guildgate

242 Rakdos Guildgate

243 Savage Lands

244 Scalding Tarn

??? Seaside Citadel

??? Selesnya Guildgate

??? Simic Guildgate

245/246/247/248  ???

249 Verdant Catacombs

This means that there are at least two more lands in the set, which have not been revealed yet. One between Boros Guildgate and one between Scalding Tarn and Verdant Catacombs. In the first slot I expect it to be either Boseiju, Who Shelters All or Cavern of Souls. There are lots of Modern playable lands available for the other slot, none of which are extremely relevant for finance purposes though.

There is more information hidden in plain sight here though: For example, Modern Masters 2017 will NOT include a reprint of the Urza lands, it will also neither include Grove of the Burnwillows, nor Horizon Canopy, as those names won't fit between the already known existing cards. As these lands were already in high demand, they could easily spike once players realize they won't be in this set.

What else have you found out about MM17 already? Let us know in the comments!

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House-of-Cards-OE(27.02.2017 21:34)

232 land is caverns of souls I bet my house on it . Doubling season also is op for populate decks