MM17 Spoilers Part2

Prepare to be blown away!

Modern Masters 2017 shapes up to be an amazing set! The greatest set of all time! It's true!

All joking aside, the expectations weren't very high for this set before spoiler season started. Liliana and Snapcaster were expected for sure, but not much else. Enemy fetchlands were a very pleasant surprise to kick things off and since then the hits just kept on coming:

Damnation, Linvala, Goblin Guide, Craterhoof Behemoth, Voice of Resurgence, Blood Moon, Gifts Ungiven, Stony Silence, Cavern of Souls, Tarmogoyf and the Miracle cards. Conveniently for players, there were also some cards reprinted which just had spiked or were about to spike. The prices of Death's Shadow and Basilisk Collar would have gone nuts soon if they hadn't made it into this set. Between Path to Exile, Inquisition of Kozilek, and Might of Old Krosa there are also some great uncommons bolstering the value of MM17 packs.

When you look at the rares and mythics confirmed so far, it looks much more like somebody's wish list than like the list of a Masters set. If you had presented me the actual list of MM17 a week ago, I would have told you that the list contains too many good and expensive cards, and is therefore totally unrealistic. While many of the rares are or will be worth less than an unopened pack, nearly all of them are Modern (or in some cases Legacy) playable.

Was it really two years ago that I wrote about the content of MM15 – it surely doesn't feel like that. So with the content of MM17 getting revealed in large daily chunks, it is time for a comparison. There were various issues with MM15 (besides the packaging), which weren't great. Very expensive cards were reprinted, but most of them were printed at mythic rarity, which didn't cause their prices to drop all that much. At the same time there were a lot of cards in the rare slot, which may see some Commander play, but are totally irrelevant for Modern. Cards like Scute Mob, Necroskitter, Banefire, Inexorable Tide, and many others were basically blanks. There is a huge difference between opening an 8€ pack, finding a completely useless rare or finding Grafdigger's Cage, which is worth less than your investment, but which you can use in your Modern decks. In this regard MM17 is much better for the players. Not only is more value allocated to the rare slot than before, but even the inexpensive rares are still useful for Modern players. This makes the product much better at getting more new players into the format.

Two years ago I wrote multiple articles looking at the amount of cards for various Modern decks you would get just by opening MM15. That number was quite low across the board. So after spending hundreds or thousands of Euro on MM15 you would still need to buy a lot of singles to complete any Modern deck. So far it seems like MM17 will get a new Modern player much closer to being able to dive into the format, as they will not only have a higher percentage of cards per archetype, but also get much more useful trading material from their packs overall.

MM17 is going to be great for Modern. It will help to recruit more players for the format. It will earn Wizards, their distributors and store owners a lot of money, while making the format financially more accessible to the players. It will also hurt the value of collections and the stock of investors and vendors in the short run. I hope you reduced your Modern supply recently!

While the list is filling up, remember to consider restocking on the few important cards that won't be in MM17. Here are some of the cards which can't fit between the spoiled cards anymore due to their name/number:

Academy Ruins

Ad Nauseam



Dark Confidant

Goryo's Vengeance


Grave Titan

Leyline of the Void

Mishra's Bauble

Mox Opal

Oblivion Stone

Rest in Peace


Sun Titan

Swords of X/Y

Tezzeret the Seeker

Vendilion Clique

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jontxuiba(2017-03-03 16:49)

Chalice of the void also could be a good investment I think.

MKM-Insight(2017-03-02 23:35)

MM17 only includes reprints from sets up to Magic 2014. Therefore Eidolon is impossible to make the list, just as Beaver already stated.

Mazvigosl(2017-03-02 22:44)

At this moment: Bonefire #91 next red card confirmed Goblin Assault #95... i dont know

OP set xD better than others MM and EMA

Beaver(2017-03-02 21:58)

Eidolon is not in MM17, 100% sure. Because it's a card from Theros block, and this one is NOT included in this reprint set. But it sure is a good candidate for MM19.

CounterTop(2017-03-02 20:11)

I also think Eidolon of the Great Revel is out of the list, not sure though.