Modern Aether

Get your hands on the new cards at the Prerelease!

Just like with every set release, the best time to pick up cards is not during presale, but between release and the first big events with the set. It doesn't hurt though to make a list of the cards with potential and follow their price trajectory closely so you can act at the right time, or keep them around if you open them at the Prerelease.

Let's talk about some cards that might go down in price for a while after release before being (re-)discovered by the masses:

Spire of Industry

This is a very reasonable land for various decks. Controlling a single artifact is not a very difficult requirement to fulfill for a 5-color land and in any case you will still be able to get colorless mana from it. This could be interesting for Legacy and Vintage Eldrazi decks, which run a few key artifacts already. It could also be an alternative to Glimmervoid in heavy artifact decks like Affinity. While Glimmervoid is better in a vacuum, paying a few points of life can be better than losing your lands. Drawing a starting hand with multiple Glimmervoids can turn a good Affinity hand into an instant Mulligan, especially after sideboarding, when you expect to face lots of artifact removal. Therefore I could see a mixture of those two lands getting used in Affinity in the future instead. Of course, if Spire becomes a reasonable pick up, Glimmervoid becomes a card to sell off, especially with the next MM set on the horizon.

While we are talking about Affinity, we should consider this little fellow:

Hope of Ghirapur

If you are not afraid of creatures, but of counterspells, removal, and hate cards and need just one more turn to seal the game, this little Thopter can be all you need. The name of this card will often feel very wrong, as it will often cause all hope to be lost by your opponent, while they stare at their useless mass removal.

“Hope is the last thing to die – before you do next turn!”

 - a quote you may soon start hearing

This card fits Affinity very well, but I can also see it getting sideboarded in by creature-less combo decks, which want to stop you from interfering with their combo turn. I hope you get your copies before they will eventually spike after blowing somebody out on camera. With Affinity receiving so many Masterpieces already, foils seem like a very reasonable choice for a quick flip.

The Expertise cycle will be relevant for Standard and Modern going forward, but at the moment the black and white Expertise cards are significantly more expensive than this one:

Kari Zev's Expertise

If you are just looking to cast Ancestral Vision or a fuse card, the casting cost of the Expertise card is more relevant than its effect. While Beck // Call works better with Yahenni's Expertise or Sram's Expertise, reanimating something huge with Breaking // Entering works well with the Threaten effect of Kari Zev's Expertise to swing for the win in a single turn with Emrakul and an opposing creature.

What are your favorite Aether Revolt cards for Modern and beyond?


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