Modern Deck of the Week: Actual Draw-Go Control!

Every Wednesday Insight is taking a quick look at one of the top-performing, most peculiar, or simply sweetest Modern decks among recent results. A reinvigorated take on White-Blue will warm the heart of every hardcore control freak. What do we do on our turn? That's right, we draw (and play a land) and say go!

snap - counter - charm

For a long time, I've lamented the fact that the common White-Blue Control is so very clunky. A ton of expensive and sorcery-speed spells make it vulnerable to cards like Spell Pierce. But famous Modern grinder TSPJendrek did something that even I did not dare to try. He came up with a proper draw-go variant, which is particularly strong against Blue-Red Murktide as it does not walk straight into its interaction. It was all the more exciting when he went 5-0, 10-0 in the first attempt live on stream.

What immediately jumps out is Path to Exile. It's a removal spell that will get rid of Omnath, Locus of Creation, Murktide Regent, huge Construct tokens, and basically anything else. In order to limit the ramp that we might be granting the opponent, the deck also runs a full four Field of Ruin, which also shines against Urza's Saga. It's not uncommon to run the opponent out of basic lands.

Most notably, Jendrek cut all the planeswalkers except for the flash wonder, The Wandering Emperor. Card advantage is obtained through Memory Deluge—another card that excels when you play an instant-speed game. As is Jendrek's signature, he also runs a full set of Snapcaster Mage to bolster the deck's flash game plan, a way to put pressure on the opponent and to reuse some key spells. Snapcaster in tandem with Archmage's Charm makes for a powerful card advantage-interaction duo.

I'm in love with the shell. If you like passing the turn like I do, give it a go!

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alviz187(17.08.2022 10:14)

I get what Quicken does, but it kinda feels like there must be a better card for this slot in the deck. But great deck for sure

grave4hf(23.08.2022 11:32)

Teferi, time raveler