Modern Deck of the Week: Micromancer & Co. Combo

Every Thursday Insight is taking a quick look at one of the top-performing, most peculiar, or simply sweetest Modern decks among recent results. Online grinder Xenowan has come up with the most interesting brew in a long time. Step Through the looking glass and behold the mighty Micromancer-Oracle combo!

micromancer & co

When you just take a glance at Xenowan's decklist, you might think it looks like a value Esper deck. But there is "a bit" more hiding underneath. It contains a combo that previously saw play in Ad Nauseam decks: Spoils of the Vault flips your whole library into exile, Angel's Grace makes you not die in the process, and Thassa's Oracle wins the game thanks to your empty library. (Of course you have to name a card for Spoils that's not in your deck. The best choices include Abandon Hope, You Are Already Dead, Glorious End, or a classic Magic reference, Borborygmos. Bear in mind though that you have to name a card legal in the format you're playing.)

A new Dominaria United card beautifully acts as the pillar on which everything else is built. Micromancer searches up a one-mana spell. While it may be hardly relevant in Standard, in Modern there are a lot of powerful options it can find. Coincidentally, this encompasses both Spoils and Grace. However, our toolbox is much wider as it includes removal, countermagic, and most notably Ephemerate.

The deck runs one more tutor effect in Step Through. It wizardcycles into Micromancer but also into Thassa's Oracle. Essentially, Step Through finds the first Micromancer, which finds Ephemerate, and thanks to Ephemerate and rebound, we find Spoils and Grace. The last missing piece is Oracle, which we can get from Step Through as well. There are other toolbox-type Wizards too, like Snapcaster Mage or Meddling Mage.

All of it is surrounded by generically powerful white cards including Teferi, Time Raveler and Solitude. They help you survive but also add a prison piece and a plan B, respectively. With fifteen one-mana spells main, you will surely draw some of them naturally and they all have some use.

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