Modern Deck of the Week: Powder Belcher

Every Wednesday Insight is taking a quick look at one of the top-performing, most peculiar, or simply sweetest Modern decks among recent results. The number of viable combo decks in Modern increases and we've started seeing innovation within already established constructs too. Let's explore Serum Powder in Belcher!

powder belcher

The deck, as you can see below, operates on zero lands, technically. But counting modal double-faced cards, which are spells on the front but lands on the back side, the deck actually runs 23 lands. The reason to do it this way is of course the namesake Goblin Charbelcher, which deals damage to a player equal to the number of cards flipped off the top until you find a land. In this deck you never will, so the damage is equal to the cards in the library.

In order to speed up this one-card kill combo, the deck utilizes a lot of ritual effects. The best of them is Irencrag Feat, which generates seven mana, conveniently enough both to cast Belcher and to activate it. The deck can win as early as turn two, which I have done multiple times. An example of such is turn two double Desperate Ritual making four mana, Irencrag Feat into Belcher. This sequence requires six cards, including lands. You could also play Strike It Rich turn one so that you need one fewer ritual effect turn two.

The innovation here comes from the rediscovery of Serum Powder, which basically lets you have a free mulligan if you happen to have the card in your opener. This effect works in addition to normal mulligans so you can mulligan once with Powder, still have seven cards, and then proceed to mulligan twice normally. It also works iteratively so powder mull, normal mull, powder mull, et cetera. It allows you to increase consistency drastically. Of course, if you get a good hand with Powder, you'll keep and have the Powder, which is not a good card itself. However, you'll mostly do it when your hand finishes the game by turn three anyway.

On top of all that, the deck plays its own Doomsday in the form of Recross the Paths. Once again thanks to running "zero" lands, this stacks the deck, ideally leaving Reforge the Soul on top.

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