Modern Deck of the Week: Red-Green Food

What could be more appropriate as the final deck before Christmas than good Food and the colors red and green? Sarinth Steelseeker has brought back to life a beloved archetype that features a mouthwatering Cookbook and its mouthful of an author. It's time to feast, and for once we even feed the Trolls!

book - mutt - steel - desk

Let us first break down the uses of Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar. It brings out The Underworld Cookbook, which allows us to prepare one Food a turn. Asmo can then weaponize these Food tokens to kill opposing creatures—essentially Unholy Heat on a stick. All of this doesn't even cost a card when we use Ovalchase Daredevil as an ingredient in our cooking as it returns to our hand when the Food is ready. We never need any other card to feed the Cookbook as we continuously loop that same Daredevil.

But we can add more cards to spice things up! For example, the newly printed Sarinth Steelseeker triggers with each Food token being created, which provides wild card selection. With multiple Cookbooks and/or Steelseekers the turns may get unreal with how many triggers are going on the stack. We can also find a Daredevil this way and ditch it into the graveyard to return later. The same applies to one more powerful Food payoff, and that is Feasting Troll King. Not only can it come online as early as turn two with this deck; it will also come back frequently.

In order to ensure that we assemble all the pieces, the deck includes several card selection effects. Scrapwork Mutt fixes our hand, enables Asmo thanks to the discard, and can be unearthed. Fable of the Mirror-Breaker // Reflection of Kiki-Jiki does everything we want: providing more mana, filtering cards, and copying Troll Kings in the late game. Urza's Saga finds Cookbook in a pinch. Last but not least, Finale of Devastation represents a two-mana tutor that brings Asmo straight onto the battlefield.

Are you a foodie? You will love this deck then!

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dealda(15.12.2022 19:55)

What is Orvar doing in the SB?

plagiato(15.12.2022 20:38)

Dealda It is against archeon

DarkRitual89(19.12.2022 11:35)

Dealda it's the tech against Archon of Cruelty.
When he put it into play, you discard Orvar and at the end of trigger, you have an archon and opponent not.
Midrange struggle against creativity, this is one way out.