Modern Deck of the Week: Song of Creation Combo

Every Wednesday Insight is taking a quick look at one of the top-performing, most peculiar, or simply sweetest Modern decks among recent results. Ever since Ikoria, players have been trying to break Song of Creation. It seems that now we're closer than ever with players of the biggest caliber working on it.

song of creation

The combo itself is quite convoluted in its execution. Often, you'll tap out for Song of Creation and proceed to cast a bunch of zero-mana spells to draw into your deck. Thanks to effects like Summoner's Pact you can draw two, find Endurance, cast it for its evoke cost, and draw two again. As Song enables you to make another land drop, at some point you'll do that. Now you can play a free spell, draw two, hold priority, and counter it with An Offer You Can't Refuse. The result is that you draw another two off the Offer and get two Treasure tokens. With them you can pay for more Offers or Strike It Rich, which breaks even on mana but nets yet more cards. Finally, you cast Grapeshot for lethal damage.

I have seen the deck go off as early as turn two, and there are a few permutations allowing it to do so. Arguably the cleanest is countering a zero-drop with An Offer You Can't Refuse on turn one. This way you play a land on the second turn and have four mana. Other lines involve topdecking the Offer on turn two after you've begun the game with Utopia Sprawl or Strike It Rich.

The last element of the deck is Glittering Wish, whose main job is to grab Song of Creation from the sideboard. However, it also unlocks a bunch of silver bullets you can rely on in case of emergency. In this particular version, there is: Colossal Skyturtle, which can slow the opponent down or get rid of hatebears such as Meddling Mage. Guttural Response is a counterspell. Wear // Tear can destroy annoying permanents. Simic Charm is another bounce-and-protection spell. Teferi, Time Raveler is anti-counterspell insurance, and Master the Way can serve as an alternative win condition, especially when Endurance bottoms all the cards you've run through earlier and allows you to cast everything again and again.

I'm really happy that Piotr Głogowski (kanister) and Gabriel Nassif (yellowhat) are popularizing the deck, as it's great fun and super fresh. Finally, the Song sees the spotlight!

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