Modern GP Dallas 2016

Anything can happen.

Modern Top8s can look very differently even between back to back events, as lots of archetypes are viable, and most match-ups can easily go both ways. In a field of over 2000 players this effect is even more pronounced and correctly guessing all eight decks in such a Top8 before the event is probably more unlikely than winning the lottery. Anything can happen.

This weekend both decks that met in the final weren't among the ten most successful decks in recent events. Grixis control made up 3% of the winners metagame before the event, while Skred Red the eventual winning deck made up below 1%. Between main deck Blood Moon, Relic of Progenitus and Anger of the Gods the deck seemed to have the correct mixture of hate for weekend though.

I am extremely excited to see Eternal Scourge show up in the winning list, not because it has financial potential now, but because I talked about the unlimited recursion potential of this poor disregarded card before. If you are an active Modern player, I can understand your current urge to play with this unusual deck, but this deck has been under the radar forever and will probably not stay in the spotlight for very long. Therefore I would advise selling the key cards of the deck now, instead of buying into it, unless you really want to play it.

Dredge and Infect proved that they still are tier 1 even when they are widely expected. The Modern RPTQ Season starts next month, but due to scheduling there are only two more Modern GPs before MM17 will be released next year, so getting out of some Modern cards that are currently really hot may be a good idea. Infect only has Noble Hierarch and Inkmoth Nexus in that category. Hierarch was in MM15 already while Inkmoth surprisingly wasn't - making Inkmoth the more probable reprint candidate this time around. Bloodghast is the most expensive card in dredge decks and has also seen a significant price increase since it wasn't reprinted in MM15, so I would consider selling those if you don't need them at the moment.

What else should you do other than dodging reprint-induced value losses? Maybe it is time to pick up these soon?

Cryptic Command  From (EX+): 15,50 €  Price Trend: 17,58 €

The former Modern staple has not seen a lot of play anymore recently. Therefore it never recovered from the reprint in MM15 and has even been losing further value in the last month. Given that there were 8 copies of this card in the Top8 in Dallas, control decks might finally reclaim their share of the metagame soon, resulting in a reversal of the current negative price trend. The Command most likely won't be reprinted in MM17 again already because it was so unimportant during the last two Modern years.

Which Modern cards are you buying and selling at the moment? Let us know in the comments! But before I leave you for today, I have one more answer for a reader's question:

“Do you think that Bastion Protector is a good investment at the moment or is the Partner mechanic not that strong ?“

Bastion Protector is indeed the best selling rare from last year's Commander product. It has theoretically become better due to buffing and protecting up to two creatures now. I am not sure how often that would be relevant in practice though. Commanders are in a way protected from removal already, as you can replay them multiple times per game, so the Bastion Protector will be the most likely victim of opposing removal anyway, whether she affects one or two commanders. Nonetheless, she is a 3/3 for three mana with a relevant ability, which has become slightly more relevant due to partner. I expect her to continue rising in price, but I am not sure that there will be enough demand for a serious spike. Speculating on Commander cards seems to be much easier in the U.S. than in Europe in general, there are no events to cause spikes, and Commander players only need one copy per card, so I would not commit too heavily in a single item like this.


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