Modern Masters 2017 packaging

The Modern Masters 2017 packaging has been revealed.

The Modern Masters 2017 packaging has been revealed:

The pictures on the packs show Griselbrand, Domri Rade, and Stoic Angel, while the picture on the display is completely new. So far players expect it to be the new picture for Snapcaster Mage, as the RPTQ Promo picture wasn't highly appreciated. These cards are not the most exciting “previews” to start with, given the usual Masters Edition MSRP. Maybe they didn't want to reveal too much about the set with their packaging. It is definitely a change of pace from MM15 which showed three powerful and expensive Modern cards instead: Karn Liberated, Vendilion Clique, and Noble Hierarch.

So we don't have much to get excited about yet, but with MM17 releasing in 24 days (!!!) already, we will soon see more info flooding in. The only action you should consider taking is related to Griselbrand. The demon's price itself wasn't very high to begin with and won't be hurt very much by being available in 8 € packs. Due to it's restrictive mana cost the set might include some cards to put it into play at a discount though. Selling your copies of Goryo's Vengeance, and Through the Breach could be a reasonable conclusion. Both cards haven't been printed for 12 years, so they would have been solid picks for MM17 anyway. I sold all my copies of those cards recently and will be very happy with my locked in gains, whether they will be reprinted or not.

Through the Breach  From (EX+): 17,00 €  Price Trend: 23,77 €

Sending mindless tweets is not restricted to presidents only

Another information was thrown out there, which will likely have financial ramifications. Aaron Forsythe, Magic's Director of R&D, sent out this tweet 11 hours ago:

“Heard all the "unban Jace" chatter today. We'll talk through it at the next meeting, as always.”

It has long been the argument that Jace would be fine to unban in Modern, as the format has become so incredibly fast that the game will nearly be over the turn he can come down. Obviously this argument becomes even more viable with the speed displayed by the new breed of Death's Shadow decks, but I still don't think they will release Jace from the banned list without printing it into Modern Masters as a rare at the same time. It is a 40€ card despite his recent Eternal Masters reprint - while seeing barely any Legacy and Vintage play. The price would double over night if it was unbanned in Modern regardless of its actual relevance for the format. Players would be mad about that price spike and (rightfully) give Wizards a hard time about it.

So this either was the plan all along and Wizards will unban Jace on March 13 just in time for his reprint release in MM17, or the unban won't happen any time soon due to fear of backlash.

I don't expect the unban, and I am not going to bet on it, but I do expect enough players and vendors to react with panic buys to this tweet for Jace's price to rise somewhat in the next few days.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor  From (EX+): 38,00 €  Price Trend: 42,10 €


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