More Winners from Our Valentine's Day Deck Building Contest


A couple of weeks ago we posted a deck building challenge on social media: design a Commander deck focused on partners—however you want to interpret that word. We got so many great submissions, they didn't all fit into our main winner video. So here are three additional ideas to inspire all Commander lovers out there!

Originally we were looking for five decks to win the grand prize of €50 in Cardmarket credit and to be featured in our highlight reel. (If you didn't watch that video yet, you really should!) But both the quantity and quality of submissions exceeded our expectations, and it would be a shame not to share some more.

We'd like to thank everyone who participated, who built such sweet decks, and who sent us such nice emails. But in particular we'd like to thank the three players who submitted the following lists and texts, our runners-up, all of whom have been awarded another €25 in Cardmarket credit.

Cupid Completes Combo Commander Couples


The following text and deck comes courtesy of Diogo M.:

Hi folks, I have a deck similar to this one in my collection, but I adapted it for the theme of Valentine's and partner/couple making.

Sisay, Cupid Partner

How Is This Deck All About Partners?

Sisay acts as the cupid commander that will unite on the battlefield some of the most broken legendary combo partners. Some incantations might be needed for the love to arise, but we get it tutored! Partner Jegantha with Sisay to search for the war partners Derevi and Najeela. Like the Beauty and the Beast? Partner a little girl with an Elder Dragon under the enchantment of Teferi. Heroes and kings are your thing? Join the Weatherlight Hero with a Returned King on a death altar. Want to partner a priest with a Snake, a Wizard with a Beast, a lettered Elf with a bunch of metal, or simply a barbarian with his favorite war Equipment? Yes, this deck is for you! Play cupid, make the partners you desire, and have fun!

More About the Deck's Lines

Jegantha, Sisay, and Friends

The ideal partner of Sisay, Weatherlight Captain is Jegantha, the Wellspring. When Sisay rides with it, at each tap, the pairing will fetch from the library a legendary creature. Start with Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, which will allow an additional tap, then summon Samut, Voice of Dissent. That comes with haste and can untap the Elk another time. Finish with Najeela, the Blade-Blossom to grant infinite attack steps in combination with Najeela's partner Derevi.

Bolas & Aminatou

Besides Jegantha, some other dorks and artifacts can tap for WUBRG: Bloom Tender, Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, Faeburrow Elder, and Chromatic Orrery. Similarly, Dockside Extortionist can give us five treasures upon entring the battlefield. With the Orrery or the Goblin Pirate you can perform the following combo right away, if not, we need the help of our friend Derevi to untap the dorks. Have any of those on the field, and use the cupid ability to join Aminatou, the Fateshifter (with her +1 flickering and untapping the mana source) and Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God (who copies Aminatou's +1).

A little girl with an Elder Dragon isn't match made in heaven, so we need to add some incantation for the love to pursue: Oath of Teferi. Now you can use the planeswalker activation an additional time each turn and flicker indefinitely Aminatou with Bolas, and Bolas with Aminatou. At each loop you can make your opponents discard cards and sacrifice permanents. They should admit right away that this love cannot be beaten.

Gerrard & The King

Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero was Sisay's partner in crime and BBF aboard the Weatherlight until he had to sacrifice himself to fend off the Phyrexians. Gerrard truly was a hero and I believe he should wear a crown. But first the creature needs to sacrifice itself on the Phyrexian Altar to generate mana of any color. Keeping priority, sacrifice another four creatures to the Altar to generate at least five mana including one black. Before letting Gerrard's die trigger resolve, use Kenrith, the Returned King's black ability to bring the Hero back to play, and also sacrifice the King to the Altar. Now Gerrard's trigger will bring all the sacrificed creatures back to play and the sacrifial rite can keep going. At each loop, you will obtain one mana of any color, as well as endless die and enter-the-battlefield triggers, then use the King's abilities to empty your opponents' libraries, or overrun your opponents with infinitely large creatures. Who said that making sacrifices doesn't pay off?

Yawgmoth & The Snake

Gerrard's sacrifice defeated Yawgmoth as the head of the Phyrexians. However, before the dark side's corruption took hold, Yawgmoth was a respected physician, able to perform intricate procedures like sacrificing patients to put −1/−1 counters on creatures and draw cards with loss of life. Doesn't sound like much of a treatment, does it? Regardless, our protagonist started to hear the voice of Phyrexia in his ears … However, if instead he tried to hear the whispers of Amonkhet, he would find that the clerics on that plane enjoy the same −1/−1 shenanigans. So partner Yawgmoth, Thran Physician with Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, and for each −1/−1 counter you put on a creature you get a Snake. Then you can sacrifice the Snake to keep the engine running to kill all your opponents creatures and draw as many cards as you want. With such a rush of knowledge you should find a way to win the game from there.

Priming into Hulk

For some time, Protean Hulk was the best partner of the banned Flash. This joint force was able to bring to the game the most improbable creatures with combined converted mana cost 6 or less. But without Flash in the metagame, we got to find a new partner for the lonely Beast. Prime Speaker Vannifar is known as Pod on legs but doesn't have the same impact in Commander as Birthing Pod had in Modern. However, if we combine Vannifar with the enchantment Intruder Alarm, for each creature we bring to play, the Prime Speaker will untap and be able to climb up the ladder until we find the Hulk and sacrifice it for a couple of creatures. Then, if you want, you could start climbing up the ladder again until you get the ideal combination of creatures. Enjoy!

The Simple Solution: Godo Helm

Are the partners previously mentioned too elaborated for you. Want a direct path to victory? Use Sisay with at least 7 power to bring out Godo, Bandit Warlord. This barbarian will bring along his favorite partner: Helm of the Host. Equip and go for the combat. Get a token copy of Godo, attack and get an additional combat step. Helm trigger again, you get a new copy and attack again. Simple for you? Godo's tiny brain agrees!

Other Lines

Redundancy is a concept dear to this deck design. You can achieve several infinite combos with the help of various enablers:

While you decide how you want to win, a bunch of mana dorks and mana rocks help stabilize the game plan while a few hatebears and protection pieces get your game to the next level. But mainly, this is just a super fun deck to pilot! Have a great day, cheers!

Of Love and Loss


The following text and deck comes courtesy of Jakob N.:

I chose Feldon of the Third Path for the Valentine's/partner competition. With this deck I want to tell the story of Feldon and his partner Loran, whom he loved beyond death. It is based on a short story from Wizards named "Loran's Smile"—check it out if you want a good read. A brief summary: Loran got sick and had to rest a lot. She even had to stop working in the garden, which she really loved to do. That's the reason why Exotic and Forbidden Orchard are in the deck. Soon she passed away, but Feldon, the mighty artificer, tried to build an automaton copy of her. He tried to imitate her slightly sad but beautiful smile and her black hair. He even did his best to get a powerstone for her heart. That's why the deck has Puppet Strings (black hair and a puppet), Duplicant, Worn Powerstone, and Solemn Simulacrum (also known as "Sad Robot").

He realized that it was not the same, that the machine couldn't make up for his loss. So he went on a journey to visit the other colors and to find a way to bring Loran back to life with his magic. He went to green, but green only knew how to summon the living (in this case a wurm which is why there is Wurmcoil Engine). He continued his journey to blue. To learn from blue, he had to tell a story, the story of Loran, but all he learned in the end was how to create an illusion of Loran (Illusionist's Bracers). After blue he went to black. He had to give his new teacher his walking stick (Feldon's Cane) to learn the black way of magic, but all he got in the end was a body but without a soul (Grimoire of the Dead). For his next and final step, he visited white and had to give access to his library to learn to make a physical copy out of his memories but still not a real Loran. His copy of Loran he forged out of his flame magic (Twinflame which is a combo win with Dualcaster Mage) was used to give a last "Good bye."

So the whole deck is about the partner Feldon had in his life and sadly tried to resurrect until he found it would never be the same.

Friends Furever

rin and seri

The following text and deck comes courtesy of Davide M.:

As a long time player I know how important it is to have a "partner" who could support me during this hobby of 25 years. Someone who's reliable and loyal every time, someone who can share with me the wins and losses without judging me on the amount of time and money spent on this amazing game. As you may understand, I'm obviously talking about our beloved companions: cats and dogs!

The commander that most represents this tireless concept of partners is no other than Rin and Seri, Inseparable. I mean, there is no need to add anything here, they are inseparable by definition. What could possibly be a better representation of partners? Is there anything else we could add to these loyal companions? Well, probably an infinite amount of Cats and Dogs that you can throw at your opponents till they all die …

Using Rin and Seri's triggered ability, we can create an infinite amount of 1/1 Dogs with the help of Aluren and either Fleetfoot Panther or Whitemane Lion. We can achieve basically the same effect with Temur Sabertooth, Earthcraft or Mana Echoes, and a random Cat from hand, filtering mana with Gemstone Array. This combo may also add infinite mana to be used on Sword of the Paruns or Umbral Mantle attached to our commander to finish off all opponents with the activated ability of the Inseparable duo.

The deck features a bunch of doubling effects to stretch the token generation, lots of tutors to assemble the combo pieces, and a solid ramp package together with some utilities to protect the combo. Nonetheless we can simply follow the natural aggro route as well, slamming Dogs and Cat lords and constantly swinging at our opponents, pumping up our puppies with the +1/+1 subtheme.

Note the nice touch of cards like Mowu, Loyal Companion, Resolute Watchdog, and Pack Leader to enforce the concept of partners that are loyal and reliable. Finally, on the lands side, Animal Sanctuary is a must-have for this deck, as it matches the theme and the general gameplay strategy. Best "partner" deck ever!

Rin and Seri, Inseparable

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Bauke(14.02.2021 19:50)

Ah yes, my favorite Valentine's day themed card, anger.

TobiHenke(14.02.2021 20:32)

Haha. That is funny indeed.

Though I think the card fits in pretty well with that particular story, which, in turn, also fits Valentine's Day pretty well.

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