Mystic Foils

2016 will provide us with lots of mystic toys.

Shiny news

Stoneforge Mystic From (EX+): 34,99 € Price Trend: 43,36 €

Stoneforge Mystic was officially announced as the Grand Prix Promo for next year. You can slowly pick up your playset over the course of 2016 by attending a bunch of GPs or pre-order them now already. Obviously the price will keep declining throughout the year, while each Grand Prix adds more copies into circulation. Once some players start receiving their fifths Promo copy the downward trend could accelerate. The price of the original Zendikar version should drop as well, especially for the foil variant. The announcement is barely three days old, however so far the price (for the Zendikar version) has not dropped but seen an uptick instead. This is probably due to players believing that Stoneforge Mystic will be unbanned in Modern now. I don't believe that to be the case though. It is still a relevant Legacy card and therefore a great choice for a Grand Prix Promo anyway. Wizards could never reprint a banned card in a Modern Masters set, so using it as a promo is a great way to give out something valuable to players without “losing” a valuable card that could be leveraged to increase set sales as a reprint. The safe play is to sell all copies into the hype now and restock next year. If you like to gamble, you can wait for the banned list update coming with Oath of the Gatewatch instead. Selling into an actual unbanning hype in January would earn you a lot more money than you would lose if it stays banned. So it can still be worth the risk, but the odds for an unbanning are low. They are probably happy with deck diversity in Modern at the moment, so why should they take a risk with Stoneforge Mystic? While turn 3 Batterskull might not even be a huge problem in the fast Modern format, I would be more afraid of Affinity decks switching their splash colour to white. Virtually running eight Cranial Platings sounds like too much additional consistency for one of the dominant decks of the format.

“This turn one Stoneforge Mystic is brought to you by Mox Opal.” - 2016 advertisement ?

Mystic filters

Mystic Gate From (EX+): 7,00 € Price Trend: 10,40 €

Mystic Gate and the other Modern legal filter lands seem to be part of the next Expedition lands cycle that comes with Oath of the Gatewatch. This is not an official preview, but it seems to be legit. Mostly used in Commander and occasionally as 1-ofs in Modern, the original versions of these cards will come crashing down, as players upgrade their decks with the new art and sell the original.

No matter what the other lands will be, the second batch of expeditions can't be as expensive as the first batch were (as it consisted of the best/most played lands), which will help the regular cards in the set to be financially relevant.

On a side note, the colourless mana is represented by a diamond on this reprint, not a circled (1), which corroborates the theory I constructed in the article “The Great Distortion”.


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