Not so Iconic

Iconic Masters is bound to become an iconic disaster. Will we soon see less Masters sets again?

We are well into the first week of Iconic Masters displays being available, and most of my grim predictions have become true. In some respects the future of this set looks even more bleak by now.

On each of the first few days sales numbers were significantly larger than during the presale phase, in some cases even four times larger than before. Despite the large amount of sales, the offer count of even the best selling cards kept going up on cardmarket.

As predicted Aether Vial was the most traded rare card from Iconic Masters, and one of the few cards besides Cryptic Command and Horizon Canopy that saw a relevant uptick in value, but even the mighty Vial went from less than 300 listed copies to more than 600 listed copies by now.

Yesterday Iconic Masters still took the first 16 spots on our Highest Percentual Stock Reduction table, clearly showing that the set was still the primary focus of most buyers, but today the picture is already starting to get more blurry.

The release buying frenzy will soon be over, and most cards have either kept falling in price or regained only a little bit of value due to the focused demand. Very soon the amount of single cards trickling into the market from players drafting the set will not only outpace the demand, but cause additional price reductions in the weeks and months to come.

Foiled again!

There seem to be some quality issues with the foiling process. I read that some foil cards look pretty dark, making them hard to recognize, or have problems with their coloration or text. Given that foils play a significant role in getting good value from your packs, opening one of the better cards can turn from a glorious moment into a major letdown if there are issues with the printing quality.

Another problem with the set seems to be that too many boxes were printed. At least that is the story that people are telling each other due to displays showing up in big box stores in the United States. It is impossible to know how much Iconic Masters product was created, but the continuous price reductions on displays point in that direction as well.

Booster prices are dropping below 6 €!

As a player looking to buy Modern singles all of this is good news. Pick up the reprinted single cards for your decks this winter. Masters 25 will make Modern even more accessible, before we might see Wizards cutting back on their current aggresive reprint strategy again.

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