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Every week Cardmarket is running a lot of exciting Magic content that you don't want to miss, on both YouTube and Twitch—from gameplay to deck discussion to the latest news regarding previews and prices. Collecting everything in one place, here's your TV program for the week of June 28–July 2.

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This article was updated throughout the week with embedded videos, additional information, and featured decklists.

Monday, 6 p.m.

Does Ragavan fit into a Stoneblade shell? Join HarryMTG with the breakdown and gameplay of Jeskai Stoneblade!

Monday, 6 p.m.

Pro Tour Finals champion Kristof Prinz focuses on competitive play. This time it's all about drafting Modern Horizons 2.

Tuesday, 6 p.m.

MerynMTG is looking at the future of Monowhite Martyr Proclamation—which we may as well call Martyr Grace now. With just two Plains and 58 white cards, these Martyrs will gain a lot of life!

Wednesday, 6 p.m.

Mental Misstep is one of the most broken cards in the history of Magic, but why exactly is it broken? What does it do to Modern? In today's episode of Direct Damage, Dan looks at what is so mental about this misstep.

Thursday, 5:00 p.m.

Filip Skórnicki investigates how Dimir Mil and Death & Taxes fair against the rest of Modern.

Thursday, 6 p.m.

This week's paper gameplay video pits Dimir Mill against Death & Taxes!

Friday, 6 p.m.

MerynMTG is playing a Glimpse of Tomorrow cascade combo deck that went 5-0 in a Modern League on Magic Online. The goal is to find Goblin Dark-Dwellers to flash back Glimpse and repeat the process over and over, winning with Omnath, Locus of Creation and Chancellor of the Forge triggers!

Friday, 9 p.m.

MerynMTG takes another spin on Modern Mill, this time monocolored!


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