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Every week Cardmarket's YouTube channel publishes a lot of exciting Magic content that you don't want to miss—from combat in gameplay to combative debates to the latest news regarding previews and prices. Collecting everything in one place, here's your TV program for the week of July 25.

ancestral vision - teferi's protection - TV

This article has been updated throughout the week with embedded videos, additional information, and featured decklists.

Monday, 18:00

For a short period of time, the imprint mechanic led to one of the weirdest rules interactions in Magic: The Gathering.

Tuesday, 18:00

Our two professional Magic players, Arne Huschenbeth and Simon Nielsen, have picked two decks off the beaten path that they consider able to beat the top tier.

Wednesday, 18:00

Thursday, 18:00

Were you one of the rare geniuses who knew Oko would be good? Anika and Carl play Staple or Stinker as Anika tries to guess how good five classically misjudged cards are.

Friday, 18:00

Double Masters 2022 has two rares in each pack! So Thoralf and Jamin are doing a pack value battle and giving away the contents to a commenter while telling stories of the cards they open along the way.

The cards to be won:

Saturday, 13:00

Imagine buying a pack and instead of a rare you find yourself a miserable Island. What sounds like a nightmare could actually happen to you if you buy a pack from the original Limited Alpha set.


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Scarabos(24.08.2022 08:51)

Man, both Emrakul and Aether Vial in one pack is crazy good. I was thinking about building a Eldrazi commander deck but still unsure about which card should actually be my commander lol

Macros(08.08.2022 12:47)

Wow, Emrakul!
I was playing it a lot in my Mono G Ramp Highlander. And we had a quite nice (but short) game going on.
Me starting with Forest > Elfish Spirit Guide > Channel > Emrakul
Game. Right?
I attacked, my opponent could not sacrifice anything. But he did not scoop.
His turn. Swamp > Innocent Blood XD
My remaining hand was all fatties. After we stopped laughing hard, I just scooped.

BerlinStattWien(05.08.2022 18:09)

Emrakul was the ultimate masters box topper i opened

But having 2 borderless would be much nicer :D

Toobiased(04.08.2022 16:57)

Aether Vial was one of the first cards I ever opened. Then, when I started playig again, I was so happy to find it in the box of old cards I used to play without sleeves. It's condition is pretty bad but I still play some of the old cards in my EDH Decks and Cubes -- for nostalgia's sake.

ARapuch(04.08.2022 05:47)

Bounty of the Luxa reminds me my first prerelease I attended - Amonkhet, which incidentally also marked my return to Magic since Mirrodin.
I loved the Egyptian flavour, and didn't really find it as weak a set as others did. (probably because I missed a lot of more powerful sets between 2002-2016).
It was a post-release prerelease at a friend's house, and we were about 20+ friends. Good times.
I loved the warrior and the zombie themes, and Bounty of the Luxa was a decent card-advantage engine in sealed.
"I hope I win!" -Mr Bean, Rat Race

TheChronoG(03.08.2022 23:55)

The joy and shock over opening that Emrakul was awesome. I remember as a kid a friend of mine managed to pull one, it was tough to play with our crappy decks but when he managed to do it we would groan so much :)

Testor(02.08.2022 11:31)

The "other" prowess Creature, the Seeker of the Way, has been an allstar in Boros Bully (Pauper) for quite some time. Last game I played vs Kiln Fiend and could catch my opponent off guard and cast Rally the Peasants twice netting me 10 Life total which in turn kept me alive long enought to beat my opponent with the birds!

germarc(01.08.2022 12:39)

Might be an unorthodox choice, but for me Elvish Rejuvinator creates memories. One of my first decks was golgari... Kitchentable magic? Did it have any real strategy? Kinda... But yeah not that much :D I always loved cardgames, always (as many) suffered from not having anyone to play with. Elvish Rejuvinator is a card that i never really found any place for anymore, especially because i don't play elves, but i always keep copies around, just because of the memories.

MaskeP(31.07.2022 17:18)(Edited: 31.07.2022 17:27)

I'm Italian, I live near Florence, and as for all Italians, lunchtime means only one thing ... Pasta. I was 14 and the day before that damn lunch I had traded many of my cards for an emrakul. That card for its beauty and its power was my greatest desire and, once taken, it immediately ended up in a protective sleeve. Until the following day I practically never left it, I took it everywhere I went admiring it continuously. When I arrived at lunchtime the next day, however, I made the big mistake of leaving it on the kitchen table to go and wash my hands. Unfortunately, the back of the sleeve was pretty much the same fucking identical color as the tablecloth, a dark red that I still hate to this day. This small detail was decisive because my mother, involuntarily, placed the pan of the pasta (not too hot but still hot) precisely on the card. With the heat sleeve (of poor quality) melted and stuck to both the pan and the paper. After minutes of crying I tried to remove the card from what was left of the sleeve, but ironically my mom's spaghetti with tomato sauce had annihilated the strongest flying spaghetti monster in magic.
If I received this emrakul I would be very happy to put it next to my old ruined emrakul that I have anyway kept.

Mamatos(30.07.2022 18:53)

When I first started playing magic in 2010 as a kid with a duels deck, I loved the game and so I bought my first pack. It was on this new expansion ''Rise of the eldrazi'' I had no idea what an Eldrazi was, but anyways I bought the pack without having a clue of what could be in it.
I opened the pack and there it was, ''Emrakul, the aeons torn'' (but in spanish xD)
I was so happy that I got a huge creature to put in my deck that I showed it to everybody on the LGS.
They didn't believe that I got it on a pack, everyone was checking if it was real, when they found out it was real, all of them, including the owner of the store wanted to trade it to me for entire decks.
I ended up trading it to a guy that gave me a cool deck and a playset of all 5 the classic planeswalker, it was a pretty nice day

nukro(30.07.2022 18:24)

Played Gruul Tron and then Mono G Tron a long time ago.
Once Emrakul, the Aeons Torn is on the table it's all over for the opponent, it felt really good.

NotMyRealNameSorry(30.07.2022 15:58)

I have always played budget decks in modern/pioneer tournaments (because im broke lol). At the time (before the lurrus banning) I played dimir mill. For budget reasons I played cards such as fabled passage instead of polluted delta. In the deck I had a smal subtheme of rouge tribal to support my replacement for mishras bauble, merfolk windrobber. These cards where a playset of thieves guild enforcers and two soaring skythieves.

I ended up winning round one so for round two my opponent sided in a bunch of stuff, most notebly A FULL PLAYSET OF EMRAKUL.

During sideboarding I saw his smug grin indicating how I was about to loose. But little did he know that my sideboard was filled with utility rouges and a few lordes. Eagerly I sideboarded out all my non rouge mill exept for ruin and hedron crabs. Game two he sat there with three Emrakul in hand while a bunch of standard rouges beat his life total lower and lower.

In the end I didint win the tournament but knowing how in game one he only saw one windrobber from my deck and no other indication of rouge tribal made my day.

It really goes to show how strong that standard deck was….

Asse0815(30.07.2022 15:19)

When I started to play modern (around 2018) I got crushed by an Death&Taxes Deck using Aether Vial. Tidehallow Scullers ability on the stack -> Aether Vial -> Flickerwisp... I was like "Dude, wtf just happens?“. Two cards down and two threads on the board. Needless to say, I lost the Match.

whyudeadlinus(30.07.2022 15:02)

Emrakul Alternative Art reminds me of this:


ShedShadow(30.07.2022 09:40)

Ah yes, Inquisition of Kozilek. Fond memories! It was the first (nonland) card ever played against me in a tournament setting.

I had recently got into mtg (Hour of Devastation era), spending my 120 euros I got for my birthday on a deckbuilders toolkit, a Bolas planeswalker deck, a Nissa planeswalker deck, and blew the rest on booster packs (little did I know about buying singles). Then, I went home, turned my Bolas planeswalker deck into 4-colour soup because I had pulled a Gideon of the Trials, which couldn't lose me the game (AHHHW YEEAHHHHH), and thought my deck was the bomb. Then I went to a Friday night magic tournament where they were playing.... Modern... The dude at the counter said that their decks were powerful, but I could still sign up. I payed the 5 euro entry fee, and got assigned my first opponent. He was playing BW Eldrazi and Taxes. Turn one, he drops a marsh flats, cracks it for 1 life, then finds a Godless shrine, paying 2 life to have it enter untapped. Meanwhile I'm thinking "wow, this dude is killing himself. I haven't even done anything and he's already at 17!"

He then proceeds to cast Inquisition of Kozilek. I reveal my hand, and he takes some random card I can't recall because my deck was utter crap. I didn't think that was fair, since he got to take one of my cards. He then proceeded to take another card with tidehollow sculler, and another on turn 4 with a thoughtknot seer. He trashed me. I don't think I even got to cast anything that whole game. Ever since then, Inquisition of Kozilek has been branded in my mind as a powerful card.

ZighNation(30.07.2022 03:33)

Aether vial was the card that got me into magic. Never played before, and a friend lent me a humans deck for modern. Didnt understand the rules at first but loved the aether interaction so much that I started buying cards to build a deck around it

TobiasH(30.07.2022 02:38)

Ah, Gifts ungiven.
Years ago, I played it in my new Izzet Commander deck. Multiple Games with expierenced players. Was always the MVP.
But one day, someone was wondering, "wait, isn't that banned". "really!?"
We all checked.
"Ups, sorry, well, it seems I have to start playing modern"

ThePuolimieli(30.07.2022 00:40)

I always had thought that magic is just a really silly nerdy card game and I will probably never play it. 8 years ago my roommate got me to buy Khans of Tarkir duel deck pack to try it out against him and I was playing the mono red aggro.
I beat the mono blue morph control deck so many times in a row I got excited about the game.
I started upgrading the red deck to a goblin deck (within a tiny budget ofc) and was super happy how it started turning out, as I was beating my roommates other decks with it as well.
I spent all of my spare time looking into magic and weird card combos and rules. I was getting really good at the game, I thought...
I met another magic player in a pub and asked him to join us next weekend to play some magic, he happily agreed.
What I did not know, was how Legacy combo decks worked.
We started playing and immediately I got my butt handed over by turn 1 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn deck.
I'll never forget that as that was the day I learned that I need to know way more of the game because it is so silly.
Nowadays I've teached many people how to play magic and I am referenced as "MTG encyclopedia" within my friend groups.

That is how I got into playing silly nerdy card game called Magic the Gathering. I would never take a step back.

Tomyk314(29.07.2022 23:27)

Winning draft with Monastery Swiftspear best feeling

Elnealio(29.07.2022 22:51)

That was fun! I really enjoyed these two battling it out!

Good vibes, keep it up.

Also love the channel. Nice content, not too much marketing and commercial activities and just fun vides and content.

Mahasiddha95(29.07.2022 22:03)

Hello guys! Thank you for your fantastic content!

My story is about the way I came back to play magic.

I was invited for a haircut in my last workplace. While cutting, I surprisingly saw with the tail of my eye that one of the managers of the place was playing Mtg in front of a mirror! Then I asked: "Hey man, what are you doing with the magic cards?" he replied: "I'm preparing for the weekend tournament!". He is in his 40ies and I was amazed by the fact that there are people so brave to bring their cards to their workplace (full of beautiful ladies) to have a try for the tournament.

That trigger resolved with me starting to play Arena, buying cards, and trying to get back in the game people like me that were playing in the past. Now I and my friends are playing 3 different formats. And all of this started 3 months ago.

Long life MTG!

Gahalad(29.07.2022 21:09)

I have very fond memories of Titan's strength. IT was a major player in my very first brew for the game day Born of the gods Rakdos heroic. The Endboss of my local meta played naya hexproof so I leaned into sac effects and Agent of fates and Ran over everyone else with it. Unfortunatly I wasn't paired against the Boss and was Just second place and didn't get the playmat I really wanted. But still a very fond memory

Strainer(29.07.2022 20:51)

I would love that Aether Vial.

cescsv2000(29.07.2022 19:25)(Edited: 29.07.2022 19:25)

I need emrakul the big boss to complete my enchantres deck

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