On Video This Week (33/2021)


Every week Cardmarket is running a lot of exciting Magic content that you don't want to miss, on both YouTube and Twitch—from gameplay to deck discussion to the latest news regarding previews and prices. Collecting everything in one place, here's your TV program for the week of August 16–20.

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This article has been updated throughout the week with embedded videos, additional information, and featured decklists.

Monday, 6 p.m.

Harry tries out the brand new Bant Control that saw success at the Modern Challenge last weekend! This list is designed to destroy creature decks and gain a ton of value in the late game.

Tuesday, 7 p.m.

Champion of the Perished is making Modern Zombies a tribal deck worth considering. With Innistrad: Midnight Hunt just around the corner, Daniel is looking at five Modern Zombie cards you may want to pick up before the set releases.

Wednesday, 6 p.m.

This episode of "Price of Knowledge" is a little different. Pablo discusses how to position yourself better to deal with spikes in card prices and how to try and predict them.

Thursday, 6 p.m.

This week, Carl takes on Future MPL member and World Championship competitor Arne Huschenbeth with a spicy brew featuring a card from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt!

Friday, 6 p.m.

Meryn is making Demon tokens in Modern with Archfiend's Vessel and Skirsdag High Priest.


We stream a ton of Magic on our Twitch channel as well. Check out the (approximate) schedule below, and tune in live when we're live!

  • Monday, 6 p.m.: HarryMTG takes control of our Twitch channel.
  • Wednesday, 5 p.m.: Harry is back for more.
  • Thursday, 4 p.m.: Skura scouts for tech.
  • Friday, 9 p.m.: MerynMTG maneuvers the world of wacky decks.


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