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Every week Cardmarket's YouTube channel publishes a lot of exciting Magic content that you don't want to miss—from combat in gameplay to combative debates to the latest news regarding previews and prices. Collecting everything in one place, here's your TV program for the week of December 19.

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This article has been updated throughout the week with embedded videos, additional information, and featured decklists.

Tuesday, 18:00

Hohoho, we're finally playing the Commander decks that you submitted. The stakes are high as the creator of the winning deck will find their deck under the Christmas tree! So put your Christmas sweater on, get a hot drink of your choice, and join us for a crazy, cozy, and "heart-melding" game of Commander.

Titania, Voice of Gaea
Main DeckSideboard
Isshin, Two Heavens as One
Main DeckSideboard
Main DeckSideboard
Jegantha/Niv & 59 Hits
Main DeckSideboard

Wednesday, 18:00

This time Toffel introduces to you another fun format called Momir Basic! The basic idea is: You only play with basic lands and a "Momir Vig" avatar. That one works like an emblem and allows each player, once during their turn, to pay X mana and discard a card to summon a random creature with mana cost X. It's super popular on Magic Online where the software handles the randomization itself. But with the help of a search engine and a random number generator, you can theoretically play it offline too.

Some avatars were even printed as physical cards:

Saturday, 13:00

Matchup theory holds that, in general, a little slower wins the race. If the cards of one deck are a little more costly and powerful overall than those of the other deck, the superior power wins out. But if the cards are too expensive and arrive too late, then the faster deck wins. So aggro beats control beats midrange beats aggro. At least, that's what used to be true across a lot of Magic history, and still holds true in some formats today.

Here is an example of aggro, midrange, and control from current Pioneer:

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InfectedVirus(21.12.2022 16:18)

Amazing episode, loved Jamin's jokes! Looking forward to more commander content, it looks like you guys are having a blast playing together.

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