PT EMN aftermath

It seems like the first impressions from the PT have sunk in, and players have started to dig deeper into the available information.

“With all your advice in the forefront of the event, it was a nice "selling weekend"! Thx a lot.”

I hope everybody else enjoyed their Pro Tour weekend as well. It would be great to hear more about it in the comments! Share your success stories with us!

It seems like the first impressions from the PT have sunk in, and players have started to dig deeper into the available information, trying to find the best tech moving forward.

Voldaren Pariah / Abolisher of Bloodlines is leading our Weekly Top-Items list today. I told you about the asymmetric board wiping powers of “Black Avacyn” twice before the Pro Tour, and she had some very convincing appearances on camera. Ultimately she and her Zombie friends failed to make top8, but if you were paying close attention there was more than enough proof that this vampire lady doesn't deserve bulk rare status. Ondrej Strasky ended up in 13th place with Cryptbreaker, Jace, some removal and a bunch of zombies.

The key component of that deck is the combo of Haunted Dead and Prized Amalgam though, which did not only see play in zombie variants. Once you have a Haunted Dead in the graveyard, and Amalgams in hand or yard, you can get lots of bodies onto the battlefield at instant speed. As 3- and 4-drops these bodies synergize nicely with Emerge creatures as well, opening up a crazier multicolor route of green self-mill, the Haunted Dead combo and Elder Deep-Fiend and Kozilek's Return.

Speaking of graveyard shenanigans – Dredge has been on a serious upward trend in Modern recently due to Prized Amalgam. It is tied for sixth most successful deck currently and won the SCG Classic in Baltimore ten days ago.

Since I last wrote about Bridge Trolls in May, Greater Gargadon has gained about 1 €, while Bridge from Below's starting price has moved up from 2,10 € to 3,89 €!

Other cards of note from the archetype which have been trending upward include:

Conflagrate  Price Trend: 0,87 €

Bloodghast  Price Trend: 14,50 €

Golgari Grave-Troll  Price Trend: 5,72 €

It is only a matter of time before the graveyard hate starts piling up in sideboards to stop the dredge deck again, but we might see additional tournament success and according price spikes for Modern Dredge before that.


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