Pioneer Deck of the Week: Are We Human?


Every Wednesday Insight is taking a quick look at one of the top-performing, most peculiar, or simply sweetest Pioneer decks among recent results. This one sprawls across four colors and features: Soldiers! Knights! Rogues! Wizards! Werewolves! Oozes! It's also an extremely streamlined Human tribal deck.

lieutenant - packleader - experiment

Do you fondly recall the days when Humans was a good deck in Modern? Well, now you can relive them in Pioneer!

As far as deck composition goes, you almost cannot go simpler: 24 lands, four Collected Company, and 32 creatures, all of which cost less than four mana. Sourcing mana is surprisingly easy too. Although it is as colorful as its Modern ancestor, arguably deals with tougher requirements because of Werewolf Pack Leader, and although there's no Aether Vial or Noble Hierarch, the deck does just fine. It's all thanks to playsets of Secluded Courtyard and Unclaimed Territory, with a side order of Mana Confluence. Casting a white one-drop, a double-green two-drop, and a three-drop that's either blue or black? No problem when you got ten rainbow lands!

Aside from no problems, the deck also knows plenty of neat interactions: Thalia's Lieutenant and Adeline are great together, no matter which comes first. Charming Prince is decent to excellent with the other sixteen creatures that trigger upon entering battlefield, at its best with Extraction Specialist. Thalia remains great against spellslingers and General Kudro against graveyard users.

Humanity may be going through tough times elsewhere, but at least here the vital signs look good.

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Mishra74(06.07.2022 10:34)

This is a very fun deck to play. And it can beat the now so popular Mono Green Ramp deck, see the video of darthjacen with Bant Humans.
The most fun is that you can alter this deck almost infinitely because there are so many different humans to choose from