Pioneer Deck of the Week: Monoblue Spirits


Every Wednesday Insight is taking a quick look at one of the top-performing, most peculiar, or simply sweetest Pioneer decks among recent results. It looks like highly interactive blue decks are the new kings of the format. And it doesn't get more interactive, or more blue, than this specimen!


Metagames always pass through cycles. Following the latest bannings, it was only natural for the more proactive strategies to claim the first few trophies. Monogreen Devotion in particular rose to the top of all tiers … initially. But the next step in a metagame's evolution is just as natural. If opponents go bigger, players do well to go faster, to stay lower to the ground.

Well, this deck takes to the air instead of keeping to ground, but it's the spirit that counts! Or, in this case, the Spirits. The deck almost always starts with a turn one threat, for example Ascendant Spirit or Mausoleum Wanderer, and nothing here costs more than two mana. The pesky little fliers don't end games as quickly as possible, but they can pack quite a punch, especially with the help of Supreme Phantom. They're tough to deal with, too, thanks to Rattlechains and Slip Out the Back.

In fact, the deck's main strength is its interaction, its ability to stop the opponent from doing whatever they set out to do. Crucially, the opponent's spells often cost more mana than it costs to negate them. Both Lofty Denial and Geistlight Snare can counter just about anything for two or as little as one mana. Curious Obsession has always been the deck's best card, and now it also enables a half-price Mana Leak.

So if everything works as planned, you'll cast more spells for less mana than your opponent, while drawing more cards and attacking. This plane may not be well equipped for a long haul, but it is pretty good at covering the distance from 20 to 0 life.

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