Pioneer Deck of the Week: Turn Three Ignus Combo Kill


Every Wednesday Insight is taking a quick look at one of the top-performing, most peculiar, or simply sweetest Pioneer decks among recent results. Tribal synergies, Collected Company, several ways to go infinite, maybe even room for improvement … This deck has it all, and then some!

monument - ignus - birgi

Turn one: Elvish Mystic
Turn two: Hazoret's Monument or Birgi, God of Storytelling
Turn three: whichever piece you didn't cast on turn two, then Grinning Ignus, then Grinning Ignus, then Grinning Ignus, then Grinning Ignus, … and Light Up the Night for 20 damage.

Each of these Ignus loops costs three mana, two to cast and one to activate it, and generates four, including two red, thanks to Birgi. The deck only runs a single copy of the X-spell, but the Monument conveniently allows you to cycle through your library at will as well. This ability can go a long way in helping set up the combo too.

The whole thing doesn't rely on these exact three cards either. With a little more preparation, an Ignus can also generate infinite mana in combination with:

There really is a lot of redundancy built into the deck, and this includes the win condition. Notably, when you have Devilish Valet in play, you don't need to generate infinite mana at all. With just one Birgi or Steam-Kin, Ignus loops can run at mana parity but grow the Valet into infinity just the same. If you have Risen Reef instead of Valet, the three-card combo won't win on the spot. But it'll allow you to draw as many cards as you want—with all lands encountered along the way entering the battlefield for the next turn.

A huge bonus, it is possible to find all of the various combos' components via Collected Company. Company at the end of your opponent's turn will often lead to a surprise victory, and that victory may come as early as turn four. Sometimes you won't even have to wait that long. Turn two Birgi into turn three Company can result in a lethal Valet attack right away.

I'm not quite sure why Togec chose Arboreal Grazer over Llanowar Elves for additional early mana acceleration, but it is possible I'm missing something. My head is spinning like an Ignus just looking at this beautiful monstrosity of a deck!

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