Post PT Kaladesh musings

Ask your local vendor for their unsearched boxes.

The Pro Tour has redefined the Standard format, but where are we going from there?

Torrential Gearhulk  From (EX+): 14,95 €

Verdurous Gearhulk got all the hype during the pre-sale, but two great control players met in the final to show the world that Torrential Gearhulk is the real deal – when used masterfully. The price of this mythic rare shot up, but it went up far too high. First of all it was only a 2-of and a 3-of in the decks of the finalists, with only one more copy showing up in the whole top8, and furthermore very few players will be able to be successful with such a control deck nowadays. Shota Yasooka said it best himself: “Don't try this at home!”

I suggest selling your copies into the hype if you haven't yet.

Aether Hub  From (EX+): 0,30 €

This land is amazingly powerful in energy decks and it would be worth a lot of money if it was more rare. Pick up your playset now, as you will play them for the entire time they are Standard legal at least. In Essen I talked to some Magic vendors, and I heard some of them say that they don't even bother to separate the Uncommons from the Commons anymore when tearing through packs in their hunt for rares, mythics and masterpieces. Aether Hub is a really good reason to check the uncommons in your packs, as is Harnessed Lightning. Aether Revolt will make these cards even more useful, so ask your local vendor for their unsearched boxes with (un-)commons.

All Hallow's Eve  Italian From (EX+): 10,95 €   English From (EX+): 69,99 € 

Halloween is on the horizon and the correspondingly flavored card has been selling well in preparation. I don't know what exactly is driving up the price, but Europe seems to be following an US trend there. If you would like an English copy of the first “suspend” card that also had to be completely reworded, as the original wording didn't work at all, you should probably act sooner rather than later.

Leovold, Emissary of Trest  From (EX+): 13,50 €

I don't know what exactly is driving the price up now, but I told you multiple times that this card is insanely good in Commander and Legacy. Maybe it is in preparation of Eternal Weekend, or just because there wasn't that much product opened of Conspiracy2 as expected. Foils have already doubled in price and Leo just needs one good tournament result for regular copies to go wild as well. It already gained 2 € in the last seven days and shows no signs of weakness. Buy!

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar From (EX+): 16,50 €

Gideon has become the most played planeswalker since rotation, and his price has been soaring up accordingly, gaining 5 € just in the last two weeks. While Gideon looks well positioned at the moment, the metagame could easily change in the coming weeks, and will most definitely change once Aether Revolt will be released. Given that Gideon will rotate out of Standard in 6 months there will soon be significant pressure on the price from players starting to sell their playsets. If you believe you won't use your copies in the upcoming months, now is probably the best point in time to get out. Gideon sees a little play in other formats, but nowhere enough for the price to stay stable post rotation.


Varonos1988(2016-10-23 17:07)

It might seems idiotic but, i think that the all hallow's eve are selling too much in U.S.A. cause it's the Halloween period. It's a card that depicts most of the customs of this period like pumkins, ghosts etc. On the other hand is a card in the reserved list and it might be a speculation, but i don't really believe that this is the reason.

Magicdealer-patte-de(2016-10-20 14:03)

... and there comes the new standard rotation annoucement which makes gideon much more interesting again...