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Today we are celebrating my 150th article with some Vintage insights.

Yesterday I realized that our MKM Insight card reference system had not been working properly for a while. In case you didn't notice that feature yet, it automatically links every card I write about in an Insight article to that article. Therefore you can jump from the article to the product page of the card, but the card also gets a “MKM Insight References” tab that allows you to jump to every article in which it was mentioned. I spent two hours checking and repairing all the articles, so it should be working as intended again now. While doing so I also realized that today's article would already be my 150th Insight article! Wow - time is moving fast, when you are having fun!

Between launching MKM Insight, the MKM Tournament Series, MKM Twitch and YouTube channels, implementing new payment options, adding another game to the marketplace, and many important less public tasks, this has been a very busy year for everybody involved.

We have planned to improve our Insight service by granting you access to additional functionality, which will only be available for our Insight users, on top of the regular article content. I can't make any promises when these options will be ready for launch, but I can assure you that we are always working to improve every part of your MKM experience. The next stop of the MKM Series has been announced, and we will be bringing you even more and better video coverage from there.

Vintage winners

Vintage is always a lot of fun to play and watch, so let's look at some of the cards today which helped players make Top8 in Prague. Being the format with the smallest player base, Vintage cards don't move as fast as other cards, but they can still be reasonable investments. I would advise picking up foils most of the time though, as most Vintage players have no problem to pay for extra style points.

6 copies of Monastery Mentor 

Foils from: 37,00 €

Monastery Mentor is the most effective cheap creature that can win the game in one or two turns, even when facing a removal spell. It has become one of the dominant strategies in Legacy and Vintage, and each copy would cost 300+ € by now if it was a rare card from Legends. The only reason the price is still this low is because it was just released nine months ago. I recommend buying foil copies for their long term gains.

4 copies of Dack Fayden 

Price Trend: 29,23 € Foils from: 339,99 €

6 copies of Jace, the Mind Sculptor

FTV:20 Price Trend: 58,19 €

Seeing more copies of Jace than Dack in the Top8 is surprising, especially given the recent unrestriction of Thirst for Knowledge, which helped blue artifact strategies, like Tezzerator. While Dack is better against those decks, Jace seems to have taken some of the slots Dig Through Time's restriction opened up.

11 copies of Null Rod

Price Trend: 6,11 €

Two unpowered decks made it into the Top8 and unsurprisingly they both used four main deck Null Rods, trying to even the playing field. Null Rod's price is extremely stable, but you should own a play-set if you ever want to play a deck without a lot of Moxen.

4 copies of Oath of Druids

Price Trend: 4,66 € Foil Promo Trend: 29,13 €

Oath decks won the huge Vintage Championship in the U.S. and our event in Prague. The card is so cheap despite its power level because it is banned in Legacy. With only 58 copies on MKM right now, the Judge Promo could see significant gains easily.

8 copies of Mana Drain

Price Trend: 136,69 €

In the early days of Magic Mana Drain was the best counter spell by far and it got even better when mana burn was removed from the rules. It saw play alongside Force of Will until even cheaper methods of disruption like Mental Misstep, Flusterstorm and Pyroblast started replacing Mana Drain. As the threats became cheaper as well, draining mana also became less relevant for casting your own threats. It seems like Mana Drain is coming back now though, maybe because of the restructuring of decks and the entire format caused by Dig Through Time's restriction.

As with most old cards that saw a lot of play before card sleeves were even invented, English near mint versions of Mana Drain are hard to get and start at 180 €.

8 copies of Containment Priest

Price Trend: 10,17 €

Containment Priest has been on a downward trend for a year now. Paying close attention to this card's price, and buying in once it stabilizes, seems very reasonable. It is one of the versatile hate bears, useful against Oath of Druids, Show and Tell, Tinker, Re-animator and Dredge strategies.


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MKM-Insight(27.10.2015 11:50)

Most of the cards mentioned in this article aren't even expensive for Vintage standards. I can see why you would prefer to physically examine a beta Black Lotus before buying it, but I don't see any problem with ordering expensive cards from professional and/or outstanding private sellers via MKM.

christianstrothjohann(25.10.2015 00:11)

You're not worried about counterfeits of old and expensive cards?

coarse(23.10.2015 18:39)

Congratulations to your 150th article. ;)

I liked most of them so far. Nice work, keep it up!