Pre GP Charlotte and Los Angeles

What is the state of Modern after three big events last weekend and what should you look out for this weekend?

While Jeskai control didn't even top8 our MKMS event in Frankfurt, it won the SCG event held on the other side of the pond at the same time. At the Magic Online Championship Jerry Thompson played a similar Jeskai build based on Nahiri and Emrakul, a combination which will henceforth be called Nahirikul, following Hollywood couple naming conventions. Jerry only acquired 6 points with that deck during the four Modern rounds though – equalling an unimpressive 2-2 in matches.

He lost in the semifinal, but only after winning the Modern part of that round. So far I would not call Nahirikul's performance on the weekend overwhelmingly powerful, but it is definitely a new building block of the format. Whether Nahiri's price can keep trending upwards will depend on the next events, especially the two upcoming Modern GPs this weekend.

There are other cards in the deck though that have potential as well! The prices of blue cards have been suppressed since the banning of Splinter Twin and Eldrazi Winter, and could swing upwards if Nahirikul Jeskai becomes a big deal now.

Cryptic Command  From(EX+): 21,11 €  Price Trend: 23,07 €

Path to Exile  From(EX+): 4,50 €  Price Trend: 6,58 €

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn  From(EX+): 21,00 €  Price Trend: 22,97 €

Snapcaster Mage  From(EX+): 45,90 €  Price Trend: 51,39 €

Celestial Colonnade  From(EX+): 20,00 €  Price Trend: 23,46 €

These are the cards that I would pick up sooner rather than later if you are missing any copies.

More Modern tech

I talked about Traverse the Ulvenwald's potential in Standard after Eldritch Moon adds new cards to the Delirium theme. Sam Black could not hold his horses for the next set though and tried to use them in his "Temur Traverse" Modern deck already. While Delirium is much easier to achieve in Modern, his deck concept seems flawed to me, and he was “rewarded” with a 1-3 record in Modern for his creativity.

Traverse the Ulvenwald  From(EX+): 1,40 €  Price Trend: 2,14 €

That doesn't have to mean that Traverse the Ulvenwald is bad in Modern! Sam's deck just doesn't look unfair enough. My analysis is that the card belongs in a shell that is more reliant on a specific cheap creature, which you would want to tutor for every time – a deck that is also happy to use lots of fetchlands and “free” cycling cards like Mishra's Bauble and Gitaxian Probe anyway:

Death's Shadow  From(EX+): 4,00 €  Price Trend: 4,83 €

Death's Shadow Zoo fits that description perfectly. I have been using Tarmogoyfs in that archetype for more than a year now, and other players are finally doing so as well. Casting Shadow for two mana, or Goyf for three is still fine if you have to use Traverse the Ulvenwald to get them from your deck, especially if you can trigger your Monastery Swiftspears in the process as well.

One way or the other, get ready for the Modern GP weekend, an let us know in the comments, what you like to buy and sell right now!

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