Pro Tour Kaladesh Flash

Drinks are on you the next time we meet!

The Pro Tour is on its way and it has already spiked some cards hard.

Conveniently for you I put most of those cards on your radar this week already, so you should be looking at a nice profit.
I actually called out the first, second, third, fourth, and sixth best selling card on our Highest Percentual Stock Reduction table three days in advance:

Aetherworks Marvel
Metalwork Colossus
Electrostatic Pummeler
and Bristling Hydra

So I am supposed to get a bonus, right? Drinks are on you the next time we meet!

Anyway, chasing the spiking cards now is not a great idea, although some of them will still spike higher on Sunday. As usual the Pro Tour is the time to sell, not buy.
There is one "combo enabler" card though that I forgot to list on Wednesday and that is seeing play on the Pro Tour, but hasn't spiked hard, yet.
That either means it won't spike further, or it means that it is one of the few cards that still are "a buy" at this moment:

Dynavolt Tower  From(EX+): 0,02 €  Price Trend: 0,20 €  Foils from: 0,50 €

Enjoy the rest of the Pro Tour, or Essen Spiel if you are there!


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