Slow season?

Modern prices haven't really been dropping in December. What should you do?

This week will be a little short on articles, but one can only manage to do so many things. I will be part of the team bringing you live video coverage from the MKM Series Madrid on twitch (and slightly delayed on YouTube) instead. I would suggest to watch the action unfold live, as you could find some gems for Vintage, Legacy or Modern in the decks of our players!

Modern Times

Modern is expected to grow even further next year, and I suggested to rather fill the holes in your collection during the December lull instead of waiting any longer. Sadly (for buyers) most Modern staples remained stable or even trended upwards instead, so you will probably just have to bite the bullet. However, there are some purchases you might still want to wait with, until Oath of the Gatewatch is spoiled completely, as they would be fitting reprints regarding the set's flavour. This set is clearly focussed on colourless cards and Kozilek himself, so I would not be surprised to see Modern staples like Ancient Stirrings or Inquisition of Kozilek return in the upcoming set. Such a reprint would cause the inflated prices of those (un-)commons to collapse, and waiting could save you a lot of money.

Dragons know better

Atarka's Command  From (EX+): 10,80 € Price Trend: 11,70 €

Kolaghan's Command  From (EX+): 10,90 € Price Trend: 12,70 €

These two Commands are among the few Modern cards dropping in price at the moment. They will most likely be even cheaper when they rotate out of Standard in nine months, but between the Modern Pro Tour and rotation they could easily cost more than they do now. Atarka's Command first saw play in Burn decks, but has found a second home in Zoo variants, where the fourth mode can help you win combats and/or deal extra damage via unblocked creatures.

Kolaghan's Command is getting used in Jund, Grixis Control and Grixis Twin, as another tool to establish card advantage, allowing you to win the long games. Both cards are above the magical power level threshold for Modern cards and will keep showing up in various decks, irrelevant of the fate of their current homes. Get them at their incoming temporary bottom, or prepare to wait until autumn next year.

Urza's Rage incoming

G/R Tron was already seeing more play recently (7% of the metagame) and Kozilek's Return could accelerate that trend further. Costing three is definitely not ideal, but being colourless makes it searchable with Ancient Stirrings, which could be a huge upgrade from Pyroclasm, especially if you plan to trigger the last part of the card later on. Most Tron cards aren't useful in any other deck, but they will still get more expensive when the deck keeps gaining popularity.

Let our other readers know what you have been picking up recently!


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