Spiritual Guidance

It's new, it's cool, it's flashy!

U/W Flash was the secret breakout deck of the Pro Tour, and it continued to shine at Standard GPs last weekend. Spell Queller and friends are back in the spotlight, especially his friends!

The first time I talked about Selfless Spirit being a good card, it was selling for 1,14€, now the price trend is 7,29€ - even higher than the price of Spell Queller!

If you have additional stacks of these lying around, or aren't going to play these spirits in Standard, this might be one of the most reasonable points in time to reap your profits.

Of course you could also use your copies to play similar decks in both Standard and Modern!

Modern Spirits

I already told you that Spirits would become a viable Modern choice three months ago in my article Spirit of the Night, naming nearly all the cards that ended up in the winning deck at the SCG Milwaukee Modern Open this weekend.

Geist of Saint Traft and Drogskol Captain are the great additions from the larger card pool, with Phantasmal Image posing as another Captain. Hexproof makes the Image much less Phantasmal than usual.

Caleb Durward, the Modern winner, even brought the Steel of the Godheads I suggested, but skipped the tutoring power of Tallowisp. I built a U/W version with Aether Vial back then, but Noble Hierarch and Collected Company are just better, especially now that splashing a third color potentially became a little less painful due to Botanical Sanctum.

Affecting Infect

Most of the other top Modern decks were unaffected by Kaladesh, other than two decks that were already tier one before. Dredge received Cathartic Reunion – the actually best “Chandra card” in the set - while Infect got yet another great pump spell in the form of Blossoming Defense. The infect veterans Tom Ross and Todd Anderson have stated in their recent articles that they would rather cut other pump spells than the fourth Defense, firmly cementing the playset in that archetype for a long time to come. The regular versions of these cards are obviously not a great investment, but foils are always a great idea for cards that have proven to be Modern viable.

Blossoming Defense  Foils from: 3,49 €

No one is going to blink an eye if you charge 10 € for these foils a year or two from now. Picking these up now and setting them aside seems like a reasonable long term plan.


malz77(2016-10-26 14:02)

How do you rate the financial potential of Phantasmal Image. Approximately 550 copies available, only printed in M12...

Anomen(2016-10-24 21:00)

I keep wondering about how low Spell Queller is; it can't be possible that it will not be great card in more than one format!