Standard Oath in Atlanta

This is the first weekend featuring events with Oath of the Gatewatch cards legal in all constructed formats.

This is the first weekend featuring events with Oath of the Gatewatch cards legal in all constructed formats. Both Standard and Modern are going to be heavily influenced by this set, but the specific results of the first week can open or close the door on various speculations. Here are two cards that have been available for very low prices for a while, but have also been our bestsellers today:

Stormchaser Mage  From (EX+): 0,75 €  Price Trend: 1,58 €

Prowess is an inherently broken ability in the Eternal formats, which are filled with a lot of zero- and 1-mana cantrips. Therefore Monastery Swiftspear's flying brother is expected to sneak (or should I say charge?) into the larger formats, but he is also seeing week one Standard play alongside Mantis Rider or Abbot of Keral Keep in U/R Prowess. Given that it is just an uncommon from a set with a lot of desirable rare cards and expedition lands, its price will be suppressed, but picking up foils could still be interesting as a long term plan.

Goblin Dark-Dwellers  From (EX+): 1,50 €  Price Trend: 1,59 €

We have yet to see whether this 5-drop will become relevant in Modern with the combination of cards I talked about earlier this week, but at least Boom // Bust has already spiked significantly since then (doubling in value). Meanwhile the Goblins are already flexing their muscles in Standard! Mardu Green and Jeskai Black have both embraced the Dark-Dwellers to flash back Kolaghan's Command, Crackling Doom, Exquisite Firecraft and more to keep the board clear or deal direct damage. With so much card text on the card, many players seem to have ignored the powerful Menace key word, which is extremely relevant in both tempo and control decks, as opponents will rarely have extra blockers to spare in those matchups. With foils and non-foils trending upwards fast, I like buying the Buy-a-Box Promos that have not adjusted upwards enough yet, considering that the card might become a staple in two formats.

I will be back with more news once the dust settles and we have access to Standard and especially Modern top8 deck lists from the SCG Open weekend in Atlanta. Given the current state of the Modern market, I can't imagine a world without additional spikes incoming due to those deck lists!


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