Sunday, Bloody Sunday

There is always room for innovation!

Another formidable weekend at the MKM Series lies behind us! We tested the waters with our first Limited main event, and saw players get excited for Standard, Legacy, and Modern. The internet connection provided by the venue wasn't stable enough to stream on Saturday, but we managed to stream some Legacy matches to Twitch on Sunday. We recorded additional matches and a lot more material, which we will add to You Tube and the coverage page in the coming days.

Our new video and sound equipment worked well, so we are looking forward to further improve the show from our next stop in Rome! Rome will be the first stop with as our tournament organizer, which will hopefully allow us to provide players with an even smoother on site experience as well.

Complete Rivals

While I was busy in Frankfurt, the Rivals of Ixalan spoiler was completed. There aren't many outstanding cards in the set, which isn't surprising for a set that tries to encourage us to build synergistic tribal decks. It seems like Vampires and Merfolk get the most interesting tools with Merfolk Mistbinder and Legion Lieutenant pushing their respective brethren towards higher performance.

By now at least some players have woken up from their sleep on Ghalta, Primal Hunger, which has more than doubled since I mentioned him/her last week. Jadelight Ranger is gaining lots of value as well, which makes a lot of sense, as it is either a 4/3, or a 3/2 which draws you a land, or a 2/1 drawing two lands. This sounds like a good deal for 1GG in any case, especially considering that this package also includes some scrying and the Merfolk creature type.

Black Hole Sun

The biggest financial hype doesn't resolve around the tribal cards, but surrounds a completely different card instead though:

Blood Sun

Is this card more than a successful homage to the devastating Blood Moon, and in which formats will it even see play? Is Blood Sun just meant as a safety net in case one of the many transform lands ends up overpowered in Standard? Is it sideboard material for Modern, or will it spawn a new Legacy archetype?

Clearly the development team felt that the effect of the card didn't do all that much, when they added the “draw a card” clause to it. There are obvious problems of running four Blood Moon in your deck, which will not be a problem for Blood Sun because of this clause.

So let's dissect what the effect actually does. Most prominently it turns off fetchlands, while negating undesirable comes-into-play triggers, like the ones found on City of Traitors or on bouncelands. It also leaves Tron, Cloudpost, and other two mana lands intact. On top of that, it turns off Wasteland and all the Modern variants of that card, which makes it a desirable card for Tron.

Isn't it funny that Tron players will soon try to land a Blood Sun, while their opponents will prefer Blood Moon instead?

In Legacy (and Vintage and Commander) you get some other options to turn the game into a bloody mess:

Weatherlight's Scorched Ruins and Lotus Vale have seriously spiked due becoming “a little bit” better with a Blood Sun in play. I am sorry that I couldn't alarm you to this profit opportunity due to being busy with the MKMS coverage. I wouldn't try to chase it at this point, but if you have copies sitting in a binder somewhere, it makes sense to sell into the hype. While you might get more money for your copies if these two lands ever perform in a new Legacy deck, you will also be able to buy back in at a lower price in the meantime. The next time Legacy is back to the big stage is in March as part of the team trio GPs and at the MKMS Rome. Given that Legacy decks take a long time to develop and refine, I wouldn't expect such a deck to perform for many moons – even if it would be found to be viable in the end.

In case you are interested in developing this new archetype based on Blood Sun, maybe you want to take a look at Timo Wolf's deck list, which he used to reach the Top 8 of our 380 players main event on Sunday:

Timo Wolf – 8-Post

Main Deck:

4 Thran Dynamo

4 Grim Monolith

2 Voltaic Key

4 Chalice of the Void

3 Trinisphere

3 All is Dust

4 Thought-Knot Seer

4 Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger

2 Wurmcoil Engine

1 Walking Ballista

1 Kozilek, the Great Distortion

1 Endbringer

1 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

4 Ancient Tomb

4 Cloudpost

4 Glimmerpost

4 Eye of Ugin

2 Vesuva

2 City of Traitors

4 Eldrazi Temple

1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

1 Thespian's Stage

Obviously, you would have to make various changes because lands like Eye of Ugin, Urborg, and Thespian's Stage won't work under the red sun. You will probably want to include Mox Diamond, as well as make some other changes, but at least you would have the ideal creatures to cast with the large amounts of mana generated by Scorched Ruins and Lotus Vale. Amadeus Grün and Timo Wolf proved last weekend that you don't have to cast Deathrite Shaman to be successful in Legacy.
So go and get creative!

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IrenicusShadow(10.01.2018 16:42)

Sorry to ask offtopic, but my membership ends this night... and I can't extend it due to the new style you promissed... :-( Any hints till the new style comes out?