The Brothers' Daily Deck Tech: Acererak's Turn Three Combo Kill

Every workday while the set is new, Insight is taking a quick look at one deck featuring the latest additions from The Brothers' War. Pioneer's top combo tools as of late have been Greasefang and Lotus Field. But a recent Japanese tournament has shown us another innovation just as fast: Acererak Combo!

acererak combo

Acererak is a 5-power creature that let's us venture into the dungeon upon entry and then returns to hand. Gwenna gives us two mana to invest into creature spells and untaps whenever a creature with 5 power or greater is cast. Coincidentally, Acererak meets the condition. Already, these two form a setup where we can cast Acererak off Gwenna mana, trigger itself, trigger Gwenna, return Acererak to hand, and untap Gwenna. We can turn this into a perfect loop if we either reduce Acererak's cost or generate one extra mana on each iteration. Goreclaw or Nylea take care of the cost reduction, while Relic of Legends allows us to tap Acererak for mana in response to its own trigger. With Goreclaw and Relic we don't even need Gwenna anymore to go infinite.

Then we repeatedly venture into the Lost Mine of Phandelver, creating Treasure or Goblins, drawing cards, and most importantly draining all of our opponent's life. We can do so as early as turn three, and we have substitutes for all the combo pieces except Acererak itself.

However, failing that, there is an alternative plan. Between all of the deck's mana acceleration and cost reduction, we can just as well play a midrange game and win with threats like Carnage Tyrant or Titan of Industry. We also have Fauna Shaman, freshly added to the Pioneer card pool, to find whatever is missing, be it for the combo or the midrange plan.

Interested in a creature combo deck that can win on turn three but can also just hardcast a six-drop on turn three? Make sure to bring your dungeon cards—except Tomb of Annihilation. That one you can leave at home!

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Darkiwi(02.12.2022 12:04)

Interesting combo !
I don't know if it's stable enough, but worth a try.

Note : you should really indicate the format for the decklists.

Alkoic(02.12.2022 12:01)

There was an early try at this combo (with some metagame adjustment/call) with the decklist registered for LEC Sofia by Eliott Boussaud (Eliott _Dragon) : https://mtgmelee. Com/Decklist/View/256326