The Brothers' Daily Deck Tech: Kuldotha Forge-Chanting

Every workday while the set is new, Insight is taking a quick look at one deck featuring the latest additions from The Brothers' War. Kuldotha Burn was already the best aggressive strategy in Pauper before. Now it got another valuable two-drop to stoke the flames and keep forge and furnace going!

kuldotha forge-chanting

Kuldotha Burn or Kuldotha Red is the current top beatdown deck in the format. While it is able to have an easy and fast turn four kill, it is also great in the longer game thanks to its eight draw two effects: Reckless Impulse and Experimental Synthesizer. Dwarven Forge-Chanter is the newest addition and alongside cards like Monastery Swiftspear and Kuldotha Rebirth provides the early-game pressure.

"Ward—Pay 2 life" is the kind of upside we love to see and looks like a definite improvement. Even though Kessig Flamebreather (the creature replaced by it) deals damage without attacking, most times Kuldotha focuses on combat. You want to attack. So the Forge-Chanter fills the mana curve with an efficient two-mana creature that does better than the alternatives. Just to mention the others, Firebrand Archer thoughness is simply too low, and Keldon Marauders deals 2 damage but dies by itself.

monastery swiftspear dwarven forge-chanter

This latest monored deck showed itself in Pauper for the first time as a way to fight the Turbo Initiative deck that then got banned. But Kuldotha remained in the format, continues to see a ton of play, and performs even better now. Initially it faced two decks known for their favorable matchup against Burn, Faeries and Rakdos Madness, and still thrived. The Spellstutter Sprite package and the eight Rakdos Lightning Helix spells are awful for any traditional burn deck but aren't enough to stop the Kuldotha racing, card advantage, and reach capabilities. With the printing of Tolarian Terror the meta changed, casting aside the slowness of Rakdos (as a burn deck) and Faeries (as tempo deck), allowing Blue-Black Terror and Kuldotha to take the lead.

Right now Kuldotha Red follows a game plan very similar to what used to be called Sligh, and most times the threats are just a bunch of 1/X creatures plus Monastery Swiftspear. The deck is very well positioned in the field, and without any great shakeup in the meta, it will remain as it is.

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