The Knights Who Say Ni!

Firstly, you must find another shrubbery! Then - when you have found the shrubbery - you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with ... a herring!

The Knights Who Say Ni Demand Another Shrubbery!

Knight of the Reliquary  From (EX+): 5,00 €  Price Trend: 6,42 €

Knight of the Reliquary has seen play in various Modern and even Legacy decks. Fetchlands (and Wastelands in Legacy) turn her into a large threat right from the beginning the game, while making her a huge top-deck later in the game. The additional versatility created by being able to sit back on defence, while growing her, thinning out your deck, and tutoring for special lands at the same time, instead of just attacking for large amounts of damage, has always been great!

Due to its three printings the knight's price has been comparably low given its power level and unique ability. While AggroLoam and Naya Zoo and Collected Company variants still only make up a small percentage of their respective metagames, they have been successful at the highest levels recently. This fact alone sent all versions of the Knight of the Reliquary on their current upward trend, but Battle for Zendikar will bring us a inconspicuous card that could spawn a new Modern archetype built around Knight of the Reliquary, which could easily cause a huge value spike for her:

Retreat to Coralhelm  From (EX+): 0,03 €  Price Trend: 0,13 €

This card allows you to untap your knight every time you search for another land, which means that you get to chain putting a lot of plains and forests from your deck into your graveyard, which in turn pumps the knight to epic proportions. Every fetchland you search out gives you an additional trigger, which can untap another useful creature or tap down a potential blocker. All of those lands can also be tapped before they get sacrificed, netting you mana in the process. This mana could be used for spells from hand or be pumped into abilities on the lands you search out. For example, ending your tutoring chain with a land providing red mana, like Sacred Foundry or Cinder Glade, and a Kessig Wolf Run could provide additional power for your lethal attack.

It is not an infinite combo, and not much cheaper than Splinter Twin on Deceiver Exarch, but it can be faster due to Noble Hierarch and it can be used in a much more aggressive deck shell, that is easily able to win without the combo. Independent of the details of the exact build, which will be developed by the hive mind soon enough, that sounds like the substance of a new Modern contender to me.

Across the pond Knight of the Reliquary's price has already doubled, and they have started to sell really well on MKM as well, so get your cheap copies now!


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