The Top 16 Legacy Decks from Cardmarket Series Paris


At the most recent Legacy main event of the Cardmarket Series, 154 players fought through eight rounds. Various flavors of Delver decks topped the metagame charts, with all-time favorites Death and Taxes and Miracles as runner-ups. But how did things play out in the Top 16 section?

The Top 8


Generally speaking, we have a healthy Top 8 — the typical share of Delver decks with blue-red still the most popular. It seems that Infect experiences a minor resurrection with the ban of Wrenn and Six and fueled by the power of Oko, Thief of Crowns. With enough protection against Lightning Bolt, it might become one of the most consistent combo decks in 2020. Sam Dams's list looks very straightforward and is a great starting point to tweak the deck according to different metagames.

Here you can find the Top 8 players, their decklists and playoff results, as well as the tournament's metagame breakdown.

Underworld Breach is the newest kid on the block. It looks like many players who used to pilot traditional and established Storm decks like ANT or TES switched to — or at least tried out — the combo with Brain Freeze, Lion's Eye Diamond, and Underworld Breach itself. Only one of them reached the Top 8, but we don't have to look far to find another …

The 9th–16th Place Finishers

underworld breach

Luckily we have a clear Top 16 cutoff with exactly eight people who finished on 18 points. Among these eight finishers we have seven different archetypes, which adds to a pretty diverse Top 8.

Underworld Breach

Rodrigo Togores has been putting up great results with Storm decks for years, including a Grand Prix win, and it is no surprise that his Underworld Breach version made it this far.


Pro Tour champion Pierre Canali's Hogaak focuses primarily on its graveyard recursion engine and does not play the Dark Depths combo. The addition of Once Upon a Time makes this deck extremely explosive.


Fabien Rebatel's Infect looks pretty standard and profits from recent metagame changes. Veil of Summer has elevated the deck from barely playable during the Wrenn and Six era to easily viable in any metagame.

Blue-Red Delver

What does Blue-Red Delver make that good at the moment? It is a mix of aggressiveness and resilience that has rarely been seen before in this archetype. Brazen Borrower // Petty Theft is a powerful card; as surprising as Vendilion Clique but even more versatile. Blue-Red has become one of Legacy's pillars — not only a great deck for starters. Importantly, it has the capability to adapt from tempo-heavy builds with Stifle to explosive set-ups with Monastery Swiftspear and Goblin Guide.

Black-Red Reanimator

The bogeyman of combo decks returns. No other deck can force its way through the field quite like Reanimator. Leonhard Badenberg's version runs nothing but the usual Shenanigans, but opts for Xantid Swarm instead of Veil of Summer.

Four-Color Control

Christopher Brunner's deck is Esper at heart with green and red splashes for Oko, Thief of Crowns, Veil of Summer, and red blasts; all powered by Arcum's Astrolabe. It is the new version of a planeswalker superfriends deck that wants to control the battlefield and grind down its way to victory.

Show and Tell

A full set of Veil of Summer and only four combo enablers make Jean-Baptiste Guillaume's deck either the most efficient or the most risky one. At least Ice-Fang Coatl can chip off some life points as well. Drawn from Dreams is an interesting card choice that brings back memories of Dig Through Time.


Another Infect rounds out the Top 16. Staying on blue and green, Marco Goncalves's list is very streamlined. Unsurprisingly, Oko and Veil of Summer make an appearance once again.

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