"The World is a Puzzle" (A Trivia Quiz)

Are you a Magic expert? Do you know everything about rules, flavor, cards, and about the not too serious side of things? Try answering these questions without the use of Google or research, and prove your trivia prowess. Leave a comment with your score below and see how you match up!

Question 1

Booster packs have 16 cards these days. This wasn't always the case. How many cards were included in Homelands boosters?

  • A. 11
  • B. 9
  • C. 8
  • D. 7

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Question 2

Which card has a three letter flavor text?

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Question 3

You control six Swamps, Watery Grave, a tapped Phyrexian Obliterator, Glen Elendra Liege, and a Clever Impersonator that copied a Phyrexian Tyranny. Your opponent also controls Blazing Archon. In your postcombat main phase, you cast Gray Merchant of Asphodel, which resolves. In response to the triggered ability, your opponent casts Anguished Unmaking on the Gray Merchant. How much life do you gain this turn and how much life does your opponent lose this turn?

  • A. You gain 10 life and your opponent loses 10 life.
  • B. You gain 8 life and your opponent loses 11 life.
  • C. You gain 10 life and your opponent loses 13 life.
  • D. You gain 8 life and your opponent loses 8 life.

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Question 4

question elemental?

Does my opponent gain control of Question Elemental? after this question?

  • A. Yes, I've asked a question.
  • B. No, I haven't pointed something out.
  • C. No, they didn't point something out.
  • D. No, there's no non-question spoken and thus they can't point anything out.
  • E. They could, after letting me read answer D and pointing it out.
  • F. In fact, I could point it out myself first and just keep the creature.
  • G. Let's just continue the quiz, shall we?

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Question 5

How many tournament legal creature cards with the type Jellyfish are there?

  • A. 7
  • B. 8
  • C. 9
  • D. 10

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Question 6

When was the the mythic rarity first introduced?

  • A. 2008, with Shards of Alara
  • B. 2009, with Conflux
  • C. 2009, with Alara Reborn
  • D. 2008, with Zendikar

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Question 7

What's wrong with this image?

phyrexian arena
  • A. The correct text is: "At the end of your turn, you draw a card and lose 1 life."
  • B. The card is not from the set Apocalypse.
  • C. Its mana cost is wrong.
  • D. This art is from another card.

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Question 8

What happened during the development of Darksteel with Skullclamp?

  • A. Its casting cost was changed last minute from 2 to 1 mana.
  • B. Its effect was +1/+1 at first, instead of +1/−1 .
  • C. Its equip cost was changed from 2 to 1 mana.
  • D. It only drew one card at first.

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Question 9

"It's harvest time." is the flavor text of which card?

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Question 10

Something went wrong with Aboshan! Can you find all mistakes?

Aboshan, cephalid emperor

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Question 11

In the following scenario there is enough mana available for all actions and priority is passed accordingly: You have 9 life and your opponent 3 life. It's your turn. You control Meddling Mage naming Goatnapper as well as Soul Scourge, Inverter of Truth enchanted with Sisay's Ingenuity, a tapped Transguild Courier, and a white 0/1 Goat token. Your opponent controls Ravenous Baloth, Clickslither, and Glorious Anthem. You cast Cavern Harpy. In response, your opponent casts Scout's Warning, draws a card, and casts Flametongue Kavu. It resolves and targets your Soul Scourge. After it's targeted, you cast Kor Dirge targeting your own Soul Scourge and their Clickslither. Before that resolves, your opponent sacrifices Clickslither to pay for Collateral Damage's additional cost, targeting your Meddling Mage, and also sacrifices his Ravenous Baloth to gain 4 life. You cast Stifle to cancel the life gain ability and activate Sisay's ingenuity to change the Inverter into a black creature. Then everything resolves.

Which creatures can you bounce with the enter-the-battlefield ability of the Harpy?

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Question 12

There are a few cards or tokens with the modern layout with typos in their English text box. Can you name them?

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Question 13

The title of this article is part of a flavor text. Which card, from which set is it, and how does it go on?

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wall of runes
  • Zero correct: You're Bone Saw! Its casting cost represents your score in all its glory …
  • One correct: You're One with Nothing! You got mostly nothing with one.
  • Two correct: You're Better Than One! Well, at least you got more than one right.
  • Three correct: You're Three Dreams! Too bad it wasn't named Thirteen Dreams!
  • Four correct: You're Fourth Bridge Prowler! You still have various bridges left to cross.
  • Five correct: You're Gimme Five! Although it's probably a "low five."
  • Six correct: You're Hex! When answering six correct just isn't enough.
  • Seven correct: You're Denying Wind! It also denied your perfect score …
  • Eight correct: You're Dead Weight! But without the W.
  • Nine correct: You're Nine-Ringed Bo! That's the spirit!
  • Ten correct: You're Glimpse the Unthinkable! Winning a trivia contest seems entirely thinkable.
  • Eleven correct: You're Denizen of the Deep! You represent the 11 power like it's nothing.
  • Twelve correct: You're Persistent Petitioners! Your persistence almost got you a perfect score!
  • Thirteen correct: You're Triskaidekaphobia! You win the game of questions. Congratulations!

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Nihilobstat(03.12.2019 16:23)

I am confused about question 3.

If Clever Impersonator is copying Phyrexian Tyranny it copies the entirety of the card, including its Mana Cost so that would make for +1 devotion to black. Therefore my answer would be +9 life, -12 life

ProPeanuts(04.12.2019 09:16)

Nihilobstat This is true, so you have Obliterator (4 black) the Liege (3 black) and the tyranny (1 black) = 8!

Nihilobstat(05.12.2019 03:17)

Oh... Since it didn't specify I assumed that the Phyrexian Tyranny was under our control as well as the Impersonator copying the Tyranny, so I added 4+3+1+1=9

ProPeanuts(05.12.2019 09:04)

Nihilobstat Ahhh like that yea, it's implied with the sentence after it ("Your opponent also controls Blazing Archon"), but it could be more specific yes. Thanks!

Nihilobstat(05.12.2019 13:21)

That's fine, it's another part of the quizz! It does say what you mean, but you have to read carefully, hahaha. Thank you!

LaGalop(19.11.2019 16:42)

I'm happy with my 3 points (the ones requiring logic). Hope to see more like this coming !

ProPeanuts(19.11.2019 20:01)

LaGalop At least you know some more trivia now about Magic :) Thanks! I will be looking into more puzzling!

Artar(19.11.2019 11:44)

Got 7, but maybe could have gone to 9 with Aboshan (if I took like 5 minuts) and the TA from the reaper king, which I almost had...
Great fun though !

Altered-by-Hotte(19.11.2019 11:33)

For many Gamers, this form of Information about anything of MtG, will be a nice pastime!

ProPeanuts(19.11.2019 12:40)

Altered-by-Hotte thanks! Good to hear you liked it.

SnorriNosebiter(19.11.2019 09:14)

7 correct... Missed the errata to jellyfish.... That's the one that I'm sad about..

TheDuckyOne(19.11.2019 09:00)

For question 2 City of Ass is another possible answer.

ProPeanuts(19.11.2019 10:05)

TheDuckyOne Oh! Nice find yes! I didn't include Un-cards when I was searching for this.

TobiHenke(19.11.2019 07:53)

I'm Gimme Five. :-/

Varkung(19.11.2019 03:39)

I scored 6 points! It was a fun quiz, but i skipped question 11 tbh - still, i'm hoping for these to become a regular installation :)

ProPeanuts(19.11.2019 10:13)

Varkung deliberately ambiguous ;)

Varkung(19.11.2019 15:21)

ProPeanuts that so? English is not my first language, so any ambiguity must have been by accident, I'm afraid :D what exactly was ambiguous? Ah! Do you mean, whether I was referring to trivia quizzes or to questions like #11 with hoping they become regular? I meant to refer to the quiz as a whole :)
Ps: on a different note, I like these "judge questions" a lot in general. It was just late at night yesterday and I wasn't able to concentrate enough :D

ProPeanuts(19.11.2019 15:43)

Varkung haha, no I meant the "question 11" bit of your comment ;) But who knows, I'm up for more puzzle like content here on MCM!