The writing was on the wall

I mentioned this card multiple times in the past, stating that it was under-priced and telling you when and why its price would spike. That time is approaching now.

The writing was on the wall

Today we are looking at See the Unwritten, which has finally started its inevitable rise (of the Eldrazi). I have included sales data as well as the data for the remaining offer on the market as well this time!

I mentioned this card multiple times in the past, stating that it was under-priced and telling you when and why its price would spike. That time is approaching now, so hopefully you believed me and traded for, bought and stashed a lot copies in the meantime. Here is what I wrote about the card in March:

“Going down that road we can clearly See the Unwritten on the wall. Being a mythic rare this card's price could really explode in a format with very few counterspells, but lots of mana acceleration and Ferocious enabling dragons. The icing on the cake for this investment is the long term prospects due to the upcoming fall set “Battle for Zendikar”. Zendikar is famous for the largest creatures ever, so we can expect See the Unwritten to enable even more absurd monsters later this year. Have fun unleashing Dragons and Eldrazi or selling the enablers or both!“

For many months after that the card was still available for 1 €. Even less than a month ago, there were copies available at that price, although the upward trend had started already. At that time I reminded you about the card in another article once again:

“What you should really be doing in the meantime and in the next few weeks is stocking up on future staples. While Ensoul Artifact and Shrapnel Blast will be strong for some more weeks, you should already consider how the format will look when the Theros block and M15 rotate out with the release of Battle for Zendikar. Obviously this is extremely difficult, because we only know one of the 274 cards in BfZ yet, and even if we instead knew all of them but one, that one card could change everything.

Nonetheless we can register what we know and formulate the conditions under which any given card from the Tarkir block would be able to gain significant value.

You should also ask yourself, what would be the enablers if an archetype tried to do “X”. For example here are some of my favourite picks for a strategy that tries to ramp into Dragons or the new Eldrazi.

See the Unwritten From (EX+): 0,99 € Price Trend: 2,14 €

Not paying the real mana cost for up to two Dragonlords and/or Eldrazi could be a very reasonable plan once the format slows down.”

We still don't know many of the cards from Battle for Zendikar, but the preview of Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger was enough to cause the first run on the green six mana Sorcery.

That was just the first rush of those who wanted to be able to make a profit though. We could easily see additional spikes due to other previews and when the card is first seen summoning Eldrazi on camera next month. It is up to you to determine how long you want to wait before locking in your profit. Just remember that we are talking about a mythic rare from Khans of Tarkir here, which have a much lower ceiling than other mythics. My guess would be that you can wait until the entire set has been revealed before deciding when to sell. Just make sure to not wait too long into the Zendikar block, because Khans of Tarkir will rotate out of Standard faster than most people realize yet. This is especially relevant for foils, as they tend to move slower than the ordinary versions.


MKM-Insight(2015-09-04 16:29)

I discussed your question in today's article "Ask the doctor".

Vogtey(2015-09-03 16:02)

This comment isn't directly refering to the article, so I'm sorry for that. But what do you think about Ugin, The Spirit Dragon? Do you think he is going to drop in price or is he steadily going up, also because Fate Reforged wasnt opened that much? I'm considering buying some for Modern use, so what is the right time in your opinion to pick him up?