Top 5: Cards to Buy, Dominaria United Edition


Another edition of Top Cards to Buy brings you the financial review of Dominaria United. We focus on the more interesting assets across rarities, while analyzing the price trend from staples across formats. Let's dive into the most legen—wait for it—dary set in the game's history!

5. Cheap Uncommons

cards to buy

We have seen Founding the Third Path tested in Modern Mill as well as Izzet Prowess featuring Underworld Breach so far. It's popped up even in Vintage, where it can replay two of the most powerful cards in Magic's history like Ancestral Recall and Time Walk. The blue enchantment has a lot of potential, so it experienced a huge spike in price during the preview season, going almost up to €3 per copy, whereas now that people have cracked Dominaria United boosters en masse, it stands at the affordable price of €5 for a whole playset. I have purchased them myself to start brewing.

Moving on to red, I want to talk deep on Electrostatic Infantry. I believe it may be the missing piece for Monored Prowess to become a real choice for a competitive budget strategy in Modern. Just look at the recent 5-0 list played by Aspiringspike you can see below. This way you don't need to add blue for Sprite Dragon. The trample evasion is good enough to become the only two-mana threat in the shell.

However, the most impactful red uncommon in Dominaria United so far seems to be Fires of Victory. A removal spell that looks quite underwhelming at first glance, it has shown up in Pioneer Izzet shells with Young Pyromancer and draw spells like Treasure Cruise. The best thing about Victory is that for only two mana it's able to deal with small to medium creatures plus able to hit planeswalkers as well, something the common red spot removal was lacking. (See Lava Axe, Fiery Impulse, or Flame-Blessed Bolt for example.) In the late game you can have a two-for-one by paying the kicker cost. All in all Fires of Victory seems to be a Pioneer staple for Izzet shells moving forward.

The last uncommon I want to mention is Tear Asunder, a superb sideboard card, an improved Naturalize effect that can be kicked to get rid of any nonland permanent. Jund or Golgari shells across Standard and even Five-Color Creativity decks in Modern are interested. The exiling effect becomes really handy when dealing with recurring threats.

4. Cheap Rares

Evolved Sleeper might be the sleeper card of the set. It sees a huge amount of play in every black-based strategy all over Standard and even has some potential in Pioneer. Unless something goes terribly wrong, this Human/Cleric/Phyrexian will enjoy a long life in Standard for the next year, and the fact that it is a great card at any point in the game makes Evolved Sleeper a safe bet. Regarding its price, it went to €4 during the preview season as it smells like an improved version of Figure of Destiny. But it has come down considerably since, trending at €1.50, so now is the perfect time to buy.

evolved sleeper quirion beastcaller

Quirion Beastcaller is a personal bet. Only a few lists are trying it out in Standard at the moment, mostly heavy creature shells, where this Dryad Warrior gets out of control quickly. Able to pump other creatures when it dies, it will be akin to a two-for-one most of the time. It currently costs mere cents, so if you plan to play green this season, get your playset.

Temporary Lockdown is mass removal for cheap permanents. Pretty effective in controlling strategies in Standard, it keeps those aforementioned Sleepers and Tenacious Underdog in check, as well as Jukai Naturalist and friends. It has also found some early applications in Pioneer. Within the White-Blue Control shell using Yorion, Sky Nomad, it can come back a second time, clearing the board off cheap threats again while retriggering one's own Omen of the Sea. The Modern counterpart has tried Lockdown too, mostly in the sideboard against low-to-the-ground builds and Urza's Saga decks, destroying all Construct tokens in the process. Moneywise, its trend has been shifting in the last few weeks. Right now it is heading to the low €3 range, so we might wait a bit to see if it goes even lower.

temporary lockdown squee, dubious monarch

Squee, Dubious Monarch, the latest reincarnation of the legend, has evolved into a Goblin Rabblemaster variant with the upside of coming back via some sort of escape cost, making it interesting for red decks with rummage effects (meaning discard and then draw). This hasty Noble synergizes well with discard outlets like Fable of the Mirror-Breaker // Reflection of Kiki-Jiki or Seasoned Pyromancer and already shows up in Legacy's Monored Prison, alongside other Goblins like Legion Warboss. The bulk price of €0.50 should pose no obstacle to getting your copies "asap"—the stained-glass version is even cheaper!

3. Karn's New Sideboard Toy

Karn's Sylex price development

We make one quick stop at number three for a card that could be the final stepping stone to the throne for Karn, the Great Creator in Pioneer. I am talking about this new/old toy he found on Dominaria: Karn's Sylex, a mix between Pernicious Deed and Oblivion Stone with the upside of being an artifact to wish for from the sideboard.

Green Devotion, Tron, and Monored Prison players benefit from this silver bullet that can wipe the entire board clean from any nonland permanent one turn after it comes into play. You can even speed this up with Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner's minus ability. The card showed up in Vintage decklists too. All things considered, Karn's Sylex is a great addition specifically to Modern since it incidentally hoses Yawgmoth Combo, a horrendous matchup for Tron, while also stopping Phyrexian-mana cards and fetch lands from being activated.

Despite being a mythic, it can be found at a very affordable price, as most players will only need one copy, in the €5 to €7 range. If you are not in a hurry, it will likely go down even more as more copies enter the (Card)market.

2. The Most Wanted

Liliana of the Veil: The mythic planeswalker from the first Innistrad block is back in Standard, and in Pioneer as a result. Does the shifty Necromancer meet the expectations for the number one card from the set? Apparently yes. She improves black midrange decks everywhere and in Pioneer in particular Rakdos Midrange and Greasefang Combo.

Pricewise she has established herself in the €30 to €40 range. But older copies from Masters sets and from original Innistrad were already in the market, meaning there are enough offers for everyone. In case you don't need your copies straight away, wait until the price bottoms out shortly before the next set. Expect to increase gradually after that.

liliana of the veil sheoldred, the apocalypse

Sheoldred, the Apocalypse: The next mythic seems to be Liliana's new BFF as they are both a key part of black midrange decks across formats. While the Phyrexian Praetor looked quite strong during the preview season, it has proven to be the real deal due to its passive abilities and the combination with Invoke Despair, another powerful tool in Standard's black shell. Indeed, the fact that it can generate massive amounts of damage combined with wheel effects make it an instant Commander staple.

Everything we just mentioned reflects on the price, which has shot up since prerelease week to the second most expensive card in Dominaria United, going for around €30 as I am writing these lines. Things might calm down a little, once the hype subsides, but the minimum won't ever leave the €20 range since Sheolred is truly one of the must-have mythics from the set.

Leyline Binding: Another surprise that spiked after the prerelease, it only took a couple of days of playtesting till players realized how good this white spot removal is. First, it's easy to shrink the cost down to one white mana with the help of the tricycle and shock lands available in all bigger format. This puts Binding in competition with other white spot removal such as March of Otherworldly Light and Prismatic Ending, which interestingly enough, cannot deal with a Binding itself.

I have bad news regarding its price though. While single copies were going for around €7 on prerelease weekend, right now the cheapest Leyline Binding on Cardmarket is available at €11. A playset should cost you around €60, which is what I paid last week, following my own rule of thumb: Buy soon if you are positive about playing the cards. In this case, prices won't go down much even after a few months since Binding is here to stay for a very long time.

1. New Tribal Lords

This month, gold medals go to the two-mana lords, a great effort from Wizards to revive tribal strategies in 2022. They deserve the boost, especially in Modern where Fury wipes an entire board and then sticks around thanks to Ephemerate. Standard is still missing more cards to complete a tribal theme, so it's a work in progress at least in that format as well as in Pioneer. In any case, here are my three favorites from the cycle. They may well end up the cards from Dominaria United that see the most play overall, not just in competitive formats but also on kitchen tables.

Vodalian Hexcatcher doesn't have a home yet in Standard or Pioneer, but Modern and Legacy welcome it as the perfect addition at the two-mana slot, replacing Merrow Reejerey once and for all. Having flash can make for unexpected deadly attacks even without Aether Vial in play, and the fact it transforms every Merolk into a Cursecatcher is another great upside when facing control and combo decks. In Legacy there is another kid on the block, Emperor Mihail II, from Dominaria United Commander, improving the strategy to the next level.

Rundvelt Hordemaster is the first ever two-mana lord of its tribe, something new after almost thirty years of Magic: The Gathering. Hordemaster also grants a very interesting ability that synergizes pretty well with the rest of the deck. You can sacrifice cards like Mogg Fanatic or Skirk Prospector for value and exile the top card of the library and play it if it's a Goblin. This helps enable the Conspicuous Snoop-Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker combo. Rundvelt Hordemaster has landed in Modern and Pioneer, and was already seen in Legacy too.

Leaf-Crowned Visionary comes from another very popular tribe. It boosts every other Elf on the battlefield, which is something they already had with cards like Elvish Clancaller. But its other ability allows you to draw a card every time you play an Elf, making Visionary some kind of Glimpse of Nature effect that combined with enough mana producers such as Gaea's Cradle or Elvish Archdruid can draw half of the library pretty easily. There even are enough members to assemble a Pioneer Elves shell, powered up with Collected Company while Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx generates insane amounts of mana. The deck might not be at Monogreen Devotion's level of power, but give it some time and we'll see.

Financially speaking, Hexmage stands at about €6, more or less what Hordemaster was going for in the last week as well. Visionary ranks higher, hovering around the €8 barrier. All these three lords are going to see a huge amount of play so it's very likely that their price tag will stabilize until The Brothers War releases and then slowly go up from there.

Legendary Ache

Before we go, I have a quick rant. Recently I had the pleasure to compete in a value race on makuto86's YouTube channel opening Dominaria United Collector Boosters. It was an amazing experience overall, but one that felt a bit underwhelming mainly because of the amount of Dominaria United Commander cards showing up.

This is not just about their value, which is pretty low compared with cards from the regular set. The thing that bothers me the most is getting Commander-specific cards in a product not aimed at the format. I'd say, please, Wizards, leave them aside for Commander-focused products. But I honestly would love to hear what you think on this topic!

If you reached this point, thank you so much for reading. I sincerely hope you enjoyed the content. As usual, let us know in the comment section below your thoughts on the set in general and which cards you are getting from Dominaria United.

Until next month, Rodrigo Martin

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, not of Cardmarket.


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maestrodake(23.09.2022 08:49)(Edited: 23.09.2022 08:50)

Nice like 4 copies from foil founding, and otther 20 copies in my mind thas card was amazed me jejejjeje

But mono red prowess with electro was amazed me too hehhehe WOW

RonePro(26.09.2022 07:40)

Maestrodake the card is really strong, hope to see him in action soon

MakutoPro(23.09.2022 08:41)

The expensive thing is not buying all this now!

RonePro(23.09.2022 10:17)

MakutoPro that's it, except for the Commander cards imo.

Thanks for your feedback

realalien1(23.09.2022 08:28)

Thanks for the article. I totally agree as to the pure Commander cards in non-Commander products. Keep it up!

RonePro(28.09.2022 08:35)

Realalien1 thanks for commenting, glad to hear you are on my side! Cheers.

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