Top Pauper Cards & Decklists from Double Masters 2022


Nonstandard Magic sets have always been most significant for the nonrotating formats. It is no different with the upcoming release of Double Masters 2022, which is particularly impactful for Pauper because of the many downshifts in rarity. Here are the most important additions to the format!

elder - artist - swiftspear

Dark-Dweller Oracle

dark-dweller oracle

This Goblin is a fantastic addition to the existing Moggwarts archetype. Tutored by Goblin Matron, it helps us look for missing combo pieces. Combined with Putrid Goblin, Skirk Prospector, and First Day of Class, it allows us to exile our entire library and secure our win.

Seekers' Squire

seekers' squire

Finally, Monoblack Devotion gets a solid turn two play. The explore mechanic is not as strong as a draw, but a 2/3 will prove crucial in many cases. I'm eager to try it in place of the medium Dusk Legion Zealot.

Vampire Sovereign

vampire sovereign

Another great card for Monoblack Devotion. This time, unfortunately, a mana cost of five does not mesh well with Gray Merchant of Asphodel. However, at these stats, it will be the strongest flier on the battlefield. I can imagine decks replacing Merchants with these, or playing both in a two-two split or other ratio.

Experiment One

experiment one

A fantastic green one-drop that would love to make the Monogreen Stompy lineup. However, the current build of this deck does not allow it to grow quickly, so I suspect it may be a while before we see the Experiment in the format.

Militia Bugler

militia bugler

A solid option for decks able to use its skills several times, such as Boros or White-Blue Familiars. However, I'm afraid that its cost compared to, for example, Experimental Synthesizer is very high, which makes it see play in fewer cases.

Izzet Charm

izzet charm

The versatility of this card is amazing! Each mode is good for different matchups, so I can't imagine that Izzet Charm won't find a place in my blue-red decks.

Bloodwater Entity

bloodwater entity

A very interesting card that fits both aggressive and more control-oriented strategies. The longer I think about it, I see more and more uses for it. Placing Ephemerate, Preordain, Counterspell, Skred, or any other key card on top of the library while still having a solid body for pressure seems great at this cost.

Tenth District Legionnaire

tenth district legionnaire

This downshift could be a bridge connecting the two currently existing arcehtypes of Monohite Heroic and Hot Dogs. Think protective white spells, red aggressive buffs, and Kiln Fiend. In the current Hot Dogs builds, we skip the first turn anyway due to the lack of creatures with this cost, so you can use this moment to fix your mana and play Wind-Scarred Crag or Ash Barrens. I can see it work!

Fireblade Artist & Cartel Aristocrat

fireblade artist cartel aristocrat

I decided to group these two together, because they fit the same strategy, which still hasn't crystallized into anything meaningful in Pauper. The Artist and the Aristocrat are great additions to the sacrifice theme. Now, equipped with these great outlets, we're only waiting for a downshift of Blood Artist or Zulaport Cutthroat!

Monastery Swiftspear

monastery swiftspear

This is likely the loudest and potentially strongest downshift of the set. Another addition to almost any aggressive red strategy. We can expect it in Burn, Hot Dogs, or in some new builds like Blue-Red Delver/Prowess.

Jeskai Elder

jeskai elder

Here's another card, besides the previously mentioned Bloodwater Entity and Monastery Swiftspear, that may contribute to a new build in blue and red.

Might of Old Krosa

might of old krosa

A great card for a somewhat forgotten archetype—Infect. Not likely to cause a great resurrection of this strategy, but its fans are sure to enjoy its downshift.

As you can see, we got a lot of goodies from this set! I think the lists I have provided here are a good starting point for those who want to test the power of new cards. Brewing has already started on Magic Online, and you can probably find more decklists with new cards already on the internet. Monastery Swiftspear is sure to become a key card in the format, but will it break it? I hope not!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the new Pauper!

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Tezzeret84(05.07.2022 12:10)

Thank's, i will never understand the Wizards play. From Rare to common, why? For pauper? I don't think so... Just the lazy bones.

Moniek(07.07.2022 17:07)

Tezzeret84 for limited purposes 100%

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