Started in 2014, the gaming world saw the birth of a most interesting digital experiment - Twitch Plays Pokémon. Indeed it was so popular that it rapidly secured a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the most players on a single-player online videogame. Could something similar be possible if we were to ask the Magic Community to build a fully functional Modern 75? There's only one way to find out!

Modern is wonderfully vibrant right now. Last year, at GP Atlanta, after Day One, of the twelve undefeated decks, there were 2 Dredge, 2 Humans, 2 W/U Control, 1 Bogles, 1 Hollow One, 1 Jund, 1 Storm, 1 Jeskai Control, and 1 The Rock. Of those, only Martin Jůza's Hollow One deck would make the Top 8, joined by Bant Spirits, Hardened Scales, Infect, Bridgevine, Tron, and two KCI decks, piloted by the very able Joao Choca and Piotr "Kanister" Głogowski. Going all the way down to 32nd place we saw Burn, Faeries, Valakut, Mardu Pyromancer, Ascension, Phoenix (lovingly known as Izzet Flap Flaps to Ally Warfield), Titan Breach, and our own Thoralf Severin's Devoted Evolution!

That's over 20 deck types! How crazy is that? Do you remember when Standard, traditionally the most dynamic format, was basically "Temur Energy" and "Can You Beat Temur Energy"? Pepperidge Farm remembers!

Attune with Aether Attune with Aether Ad Nauseam

The Challenge!

The goal of this Cardmarket Insight series is to build a new Modern deck, mostly from scratch. We have to set conditions of course. As we move into late 2019, we plan to have a fully functional 75 that can compete in Modern.

The only rules are that the main win-condition is victory with Maze's End.

Given that both Maze's End and the required Guildgates enter play tapped, we're also going to stipulate that Amulet of Vigor be a firm part of what we're looking at.

Maze's End Amulet of Vigor

Other than that, we're relying on you to make suggestions, to help shape the final version.

The first step has got to be sculpting the basic colors that we'll be focusing on. While the deck will naturally have access to all 5 colors, by virtue of there being Gates, we need to decide whether we want to run with a Green-heavy ramp style, or perhaps more of a W/U/B controlling style. Will we consider colors for utility creatures, such as Sakura-Tribe Elder or Courser of Kruphix, or do we want a creatureless build in order to render some number of opposing cards useless.

Should we look at a Boros core? To perhaps build a pillow-fort around our maze?

Or perhaps a Simic backbone for Kiora, the Crashing Wave and Fog action? Bring to Light?

Kiora, the Crashing Wave Bring to Light

Do we want an Orzhov shell for Wrath of God and Damnation? Perhaps Esper, so we have access to Supreme Verdict?

How about a self-mill deck that uses Splendid Reclamation to put a dozen extra lands into play? Or a Superfriends defence barrier to ensure we have time to enact our plan?

Wrath of God Splendid Reclamation

And hey, what about all those new gate support cards in Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance? Gates Ablaze gives us some much-needed time to assemble our combo, Guild Summit can help us find pieces and replenish our hand, and Gatebreaker Ram and Gate Colossus might make for some interesting alternate win cons out of the side.

All that I ask is that we look to avoid Primeval Titan, because if we're going to opt for a Prime-Time deck, then we've already missed the point.

Gates Ablaze Guild Summit

As our experiment begins to take form, we'll begin work on the manabase and eventually sideboarding strategies. If at any point it becomes clear that any specific approach to a final version is intrinsically flawed, we'll simply backtrack and take another path until we reach our destination.

Epic Experiment

How to Get Involved!

This is primarily a Twitter adventure. The hashtag will be #TwitterBuildsModern, but you can also add comments to each instalment as it gets published on Cardmarket. Make sure you keep an eye on the CM Facebook account, the CM Twitter account, and of course on the Instagram account… always room for some duckface shenanigans when the Simic guild are on the case! I'll post regular updates on my own account, as well as additional questions as we narrow down the options. If you go there right now, you'll find a poll open to give you an idea of what we're looking at, and where we might go.

We're also going to be taking this to the airwaves, as the guys and gals over at Elder Dragon Durdle take a shot at building an updated EDH version, while of course providing some likely-needed input. We'll also have some Twitch streamers calling in to offer their two-bits on the subject.

All in all, this is going to be exciting!

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