VIDEO: 4C Uro Piles Deck Tech (Modern) + Deck Variants

Since its release in Theros Beyond Death, Uro seems to be everywhere. And understandably so, as he is a jack of all trades with life gain, ramp, card draw as well as being a chunky creature. In this video, Snapbooster explains how to get the best out of the Titan with this control-like 4C Uro Piles Deck.

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00:00 Hey there everyone, I’m Snapbooster and today we are bringing you a new deck tech for modern. This time, we will be covering the arguably hottest deck at the moment; Uro Piles, in it’s four colour version including Omnath, Locus of Creation.
00:13 We’re well aware that Omnath is under the knife in all formats and it’s a risky card to build around. But we’re got an ace up our sleeve - pun intended. If you want to know what it is, stick around and let me tell you how it goes.
00:32 So we are literally running two of the most broken cards from the most recent sets; Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath and Omnath, Locus of Creation. They are, as I said, always on the ban radar, especially Omnath. For that reason, I will show you two Uro Piles lists, one with Omnath and the other without. So that if it ever gets banned - hey! This video will still be useful and can show you what to do if the worst were to happen.
00:55 Before that, what is Uro Piles? This deck is essentially a control-like deck and revolves around running Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath as a jack of all trades; life gain, ramp, card draw, and a chunky creature.
01:07 The idea is to keep a strong board state until only Uro remains and starts hitting the opponent. Both Field of the Dead and Omnath, Locus of Creation pair up really well with Uro's land drop. So we try to get the most out of these three by running a generous mana base, exploiting their abilities, and, well, piling on all their abilities.
01:27 So starting with the creatures, we will be running four Uro's and three Omnath's. I don’t think they need much explanation at this point, but it’s worth mentioning that fetch lands will help significantly, either in the graveyard to help with Escape or to trigger Omnath, Locus of Creation abilities.
01:42 You can also combine them; fetch land, Omnath, Locus of Creation trigger, shock land, Omnath, Locus of Creation trigger, play Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath, play a land, and Omnath trigger. SO nasty. 
01:53 These seven are the quote-unquote “only creatures” but remember we have Field of the Dead for more big boys along the way. To continue with that land recycling ability, an early Wrenn and Six will work wonders to retrieve those fetch lands. That is its main use but, sure, you can use the -1 to ping a Noble Hierarch or Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. Therefore, we will run about three Wrenn and Six. 
02:17 To complete the Planeswalker count, you could run either two Jace, the Mind Sculptors or two Teferi, Time Ravelers. This is up to you. Both get you card draw, bounce abilities, and overall manipulation, so choose the one that fits you the best or… take both walkers then help set up the perfect board with both our creatures.
02:36 But we still need more spells to make that happen effectively. For that reason, let’s move to instants and spells. As any control variants, we’ll want removal, card draw, and counterspells, to which we will add mana ramp. Thus two Lightning Bolts and four Path to Exiles will be our main removal sources. In the variant without Omnath, Locus of Creation but we will get to that eventually.
02:56 Then we run three Mana Leaks, three Force of Negations, and three Cryptic Commands for the counter side of the deck. Cryptic Command is undoubtedly the most versatile of our spells thanks to its other abilities and the fact that we can recycle it with Mystic Sanctuary.
03:10 We then have the green cards of the deck. Three Growth Spirals, which will contribute to accelerate mana early or trigger Omnath's abilities, and two Hour of Promises which tutors us any two lands. Namely, the two Field of the Dead if we don’t have them on board, Mystic Sanctuary, fetch lands, or anything we might need.
03:30 Now let’s get down to the lands, probably the most important part of the deck. The red side of the deck is mostly splashed for key cards so the red sources will just be the minimum required. Otherwise, the manabase wears the colours of Bant. Let’s start with the fetch lands, the very core of the deck.
03:45 Four Flooded Strands, four Misty Rainforests, and four Scalding Tarns makes up to twelve fetch lands. Yes, they are expensive, but they are fundamental if you want to maximise your trigger. It’s time to break the swear jar and the piggy bank.
03:59 We then have just the one shock land for the same colours; one Hallowed Fountain, one Breeding Pool, one Steam Vents, and one Temple Garden. Then two trioms. One Ketria Triome for the Temur colours and one Raugrin Triome for the Jeskai colours.
04:15 We then want two Mystic Sanctuary to recycle loop our Cryptic Command or counters from the graveyard. One Field of Ruin incase we need to break a Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle, Field of the Dead, or similar. Then two Field of the Deads, the MVP card for deck for all reasons mentioned. 
04:32 Finally, we reach the basic lands. One single basic Forest, one single Island, and one each of Snow-Covered Forest, Snow-Covered Island, and Snow-Covered Plains. Why, you may think. Easy. They have different names than regular basic lands and, therefore, count for Field of the Dead!
04:47 Now, onto the sideboard. As usual, we have many options to choose from, so feel free to adapt any of the following to your metagame and tastes. Aether Gust, Mystical Dispute, and Ceremonious Rejection for the counters. Celestial PurgeFirespout, and Supreme Verdict for the boardclear. 
05:04 Ashiok, Dream Render and Surgical Extraction to get rid of pesky graveyards. Cleansing Wildfire against Titan Mirrors. Engineered Explosives against creature-based decks, mostly. Timely Reinforcements and Veil of Summer for general uses. And then, one single Gaea's Blessing to retrieve cards or humiliate mill decks.
05:25 If that’s the case, try not to draw it, and try to get it milled. So that ends the full deck. Be sure to screenshot the list you’re looking at now, or stop the video if you need it. With that, let’s move on.
05:43 So, earlier in the video I mentioned a possibility of adapting the deck to bans if they ever arise. The two dangerous cards are {c=Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath} and Omnath, Locus of Creation. Mostly the latter. So what do we do with the deck if they ever get banned? Without Uro, we could be moving to either Bant Wilderness Reclamation decks, blue-white something decks, or rather towards our an Omnath focused deck without the Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath.
06:03 Or maybe towards a Wilderness Reclamation, Omnath, Locus of Creation deck. In any case, there are already established list that you can check out. But what happens the other way around? What if Omnath, Locus of Creation gets banned? Then we have two options. The first is to keep the red colour but substitute white for black. This way we still have access to Wrenn and Six and access to key sideboard cards like Cleansing Wildfire. But now including all the possibilities we get from black; Bloodchief's Thirst, Fatal Push, Thoughtseize, and Abrupt Decay for the main.
06:32 The mana base will be changing shocklands and triomes for the new colours. One Blood Crypt, one Overgrown Tomb, and one Watery Grave for the Hallowed Fountain and Temple Garden, and one Zagoth Triome replace the one we had. The other option would be to remove white but also red, and add black to go Sultai. To the aforementioned card, we could also add Cling to Dust and Drown in the Loch for spells, and Castle Vantress, Polluted Delta, Blast Zone, and one manland to the mana base.
06:54  It doesn’t matter which manland for the colours, the point is to keep the manabase varied for Field of the Dead. Here you can check, again, the options we have.
07:10 I honestly hope you have enjoyed this video. If so, please do not forget to leave a like, subscribe, and share with friends. I am Snapbooster and I thank you very much for trusting Cardmarket. Bye!

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Northstar1978(18.11.2020 07:48)

I thank you for the Transcript for the video. What a huge work to write down the script and what a user-friendly behavior. Modern is so incredibly expensive.... But that's not your problem. The deck looks great.... Sadly I have only 1 card of each of them because as a commander player, 1 is just enough;o)

NayRained(18.11.2020 18:36)(Edited: 18.11.2020 18:36)

Hey there! I am very glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks for supporting us (and enjoy your copies—one is better than none)! :')