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With a huge change in Modern meta over the past few weeks and good recent reprints, Modern is a format that has seen some staple creature cards recline in price. However, these cards will almost certainly go back up in price when paper Magic returns in 2021.

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00:00 Boom! What is up everybody? It is Dan here otherwise known as MTG Tavern. In today's video for Cardmarket I am going to be looking at some good creatures in Modern that you can pick up for a surprisingly cheap price.
00:16 2020 has been a bit of a weird year when it comes to playing paper Magic. First of all, there has not been any paper Magic because of the good-old COVID, and hopefully, 2021 is the year where we can get back into it. There seems to be a vaccine on the horizon, even if not in early 2021, we can all be back playing paper Magic. Obviously, this has had an impact on the price of cards not just in Modern, but other formats as well. People will be selling non-essential pieces because they are not playing with them. It is also a case of the creatures I am bringing up today. Earlier this year and last year we had very good creatures in the format, but the meta has just completely changed thanks to the likes of Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath, and more recently Omnath, Locus of Creation, warping the format. Oops! All Spells is as well having a big impact on it. Whilst this is not necessarily a video calling for bans – that is not the discussion we are having today; that is a video for another day – there are a lot of rumblings, Omnath, Uro, it is a bit dominant and the only reason it stops seeing more dominant play is because of its sheer price on MTGO, not everybody can afford it.
01:15 I am not stating that you should go out and buy these cards and hopefully make a gazillion dollars, euros, pounds – wherever you are from in the world – in the future. Instead, I am stating that these cards probably will not get cheaper when you consider that we are probably going to be playing paper Magic, at least, in the second half of 2021. Modern is not going to be an Omnath and Uro fest forever, and hopefully, Wizards will fix that in the future. Before we get into the top five and honorable mentions, do not forget to go down below, hit the subscribe button, and leave a thumbs up so that Cardmarket knows that you like this kind of content. Also, for my sake, please tell me down below whether you would like to see another video like this – towards the end, when you have seen it, obviously. I have got a whole list of different cards, not just creatures, but also, non-creatures which I am thinking about doing for another video in the future.
02:00 Let me know. Do you want to see another video like this? It is short, sharp, and quick information. Then, let's move on to our honorable mention. Even though this is not meant to be a top five video we have got Unsettled Mariner. This card you can pick up on card market for about 50 cents apiece. This card has never been absurdly expensive, maybe above a euro or two a dollar or two, wherever you are in the world. The matter is that, with this card, it needs to be either in the sideboard or the mainboard of a deck that is playing a good density of a certain creature type. Creature decks are not especially great, maybe with the exception of Spirits. Unsettled Mariner will have its time to come around and shine again. The meta will come eventually, if not now, if not this year, at some point, hopefully, in 2021 creature-tribal decks will be good again. The reason I am calling this one an honorable mention rather than actually putting it as a top six or "six creatures in Modern that you can pick up for a budget price" is because I do not think this card is exactly going to go absurdly expensive even if it does see play in Modern. You have to be playing a good density of creatures to take advantage of it, and I do not think every deck wants it, certainly not as a four of. Just a reminder that there is this card that is good for these creature-tribal decks, and for less than five euros you can, probably, pick up a playset plus shipping.
03:17 The first creature we are going to be looking at is going to be Hexdrinker from Modern Horizons. A nice mythic and mythics always have a much higher chance of going up in price certainly from a lesser open set like Modern Horizons. This card is great in mid-rangy Jund or a B/G Rock or a Mono-green aggro kind of deck. At the moment, in Modern Hexdrinker is not in a great place. Your opponents are more than happy for you to put a lot of mana into it. For Rakdos Shadow or Rakdos Prowess, they are looking to apply a lot of pressure on you early in the game. By the time you get it protected from everything, you probably have already lost. Oops! All Spells, is going to combo off and just kill you straight away, and again, pouring a lot of mana into Hexdrinker does not matter. Omnath and Uro, whilst they probably need to worry about a Hexdrinker much later into the game, they are going to gain so much life in the short-term that it does not matter. Hexdrinker will probably have its time to shine in the right particular shell it is just that that time is not right now. I do not see this card going down in price much more. It is currently stagnant around six euros apiece, it has bottomed out. That usually means, outside of a reprint, it will come back up in price over time.
04:26 Earlier on we were talking about Unsettled Mariner, a card that wants to have a deck with a good density of creatures – usually a creature-tribal deck – to take advantage of that taxing clause. The next card we are going to be talking about is Plague Engineer. A deck that wants to have a format where there is a whole good density of creatures out there. Earlier this year that was actually a thing, there was a reasonable amount of creature decks Goblins, Elves had a bit of resurgence, Humans as always, Spirits, Zombies has had a recent comeback. Plague Engineer wants to be playing against creature-tribal decks so it can name one specific tribe. The problem is that Modern right now. As we have discussed earlier, with the Omnath and Oops! All Spells – I am not going to keep repeating myself to bore you guys to death. I am sure you are sick of hearing it, but Plague Engineer is just a card that you do not need in your sideboard. Hopefully, a meta comes around where there are a few more tribal decks around, and then, it becomes something that starts going into people's sideboards again. You can actually pick these up for about three euros apiece at the moment. Considering most decks only want to have one or two of these in their sideboard, now might be one of the better times to pick this card up because it probably will not get much cheaper.
05:31 Whilst we are talking about creature-tribal decks or creature decks in general, Noble Hierarch is a card that you can pick up for about 10 to 11 euros on the Cardmarket website. If you were trying to build a deck that utilizes it, now it might actually be a reasonable time to buy it. It just got that reprint, and it is probably not going to see one for another year or two. If Noble Hierarch is going to be in your deck at some point, it might be a good idea to buy it now rather than in the future where it might go back up in price because the meta comes around to Noble Hierarchy being good again.
06:00 Speaking of cards from Double Masters, we have got Walking Ballista. Unlike Noble Hierarch, Walking Ballista is actually starting to see a bit of a resurgence if it ever declined in Modern. The Heliod Company deck wants to play four copies of this. There has always been Tron, Eldrazi Tron and many decks playing Karn, the Great Creator that actually want Walking Ballista as it is a very sought-after card. It was printed originally in Aether Revolt, a very low open set relative to standard sets. Double Masters whilst I would say it would not be the worst set ever opened, it is not as if everybody was opening plenty of Walking Ballistas. Do not forget this sees play in Commander, there are various decks in Pioneer, Modern. There is every chance that Walking Ballista is going back up in price because it is starting to see play as a lot of decks in Modern are starting to throw it into their deck. For card seeing as much play across multiple formats, I think nine euros for this card is rather cheap, especially when you consider that it just got a reprint. Like Noble Hierarch, it probably will not be reprinted for quite a while.
07:07 The last card I am going to be talking about is going to be a card that, unlike all of the other ones, has not been a massive staple in Modern in recent years. Every other card we have mentioned, to differing levels, have been not uncommon to see in people's decks or sideboards over the last year or two. The last card I have got is Cryptbreaker. Currently, you can pick this card up for about 2 euros 50 apiece on the Cardmarket website, and there are quite a few things going for this card. First of all, there have been a lot of 5-0 lists with Zombies in recent weeks and Cryptbreaker is an integral part of any Zombies list. I am not saying that Zombies is going to be The Deck to beat in Modern any time soon, definitely not saying that whatsoever, but if you play the deck or you play against it, you can just feel it that it is just missing that one piece or two to be a legitimate deck; a real force in the format. Also, do not forget, Modern Horizons 2 comes out next year. What is to say there is not another zombie? Because there was Undead Augur in Modern Horizons 1, what is stopping it from being another zombie in Modern Horizons that just pushes the Zombie tribal deck over the top?
08:09 Most importantly, this card has only been printed once in Eldritch Moon, a very poorly opened set. I am not saying this card is going to be going up to 20 euros apiece over the next year, absolutely not. But considering the poorly open, set the fact that it sees EDH play, and that it has high potential of going up when Zombies potentially takes off. Zombies, at the minute, is a good deck in Modern, it is just missing that one piece to push it over the edge. Cryptbreaker, at 2 euros 50, is not going down in price anytime soon. If you wanted to build a Zombies deck and you wanted to make sure you did not have to spend too much in the future, pick up Cryptbreakers. Worst case scenario, you just get rid of them again and they are probably not going down in value unless there is a reprint which would be really random.
08:53 Anyway, guys that was me Dan, MTG Tavern here for Cardmarket again. A reminder, this is not me saying to you that you should go buy a million copies of these cards because you are going to make a fortune in the future. Instead, if you are going to pick these cards up anyway, now is probably the cheapest time to pick them up. Do not forget to tell me down below if you enjoyed this kind of video. Would you like to see another one like this in the future? It was Dan, MTG Tavern, Cardmarket I will see you next time

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