VIDEO: Top 5 Cards in Modern That Should Never Be Unbanned


There are currently 41 cards on the Modern ban list. While we can have a discussion about some cards that we might be able to take off the list, there are some that should never come off. Today we discuss the top 5 cards which should absolutely never be unbanned.

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00:00 What is up guys? It is Dan here with MTGTavern. Today I am back for another video with Cardmarket, and in today's video, we are going to be looking at the top five cards on the Modern banned list that should, and probably will, never be unbanned.
00:18 On the modern ban list there are plenty of banned cards, and most people would agree that there are certain cards that you, at least, have a conversation about being unbanned, but there are certainly many cards as well that there is no point having a conversation. They should never be unbanned; most people would agree, and they probably will never be. In today's top five video, I will be looking at the top five cards that – most people would agree – should, and probably will, never be unbanned. Before we get into the rules, the honorable mentions and the top five, a reminder: if you are enjoying the content here on Cardmarket from me or any of the content creators go down below, hit the subscribe button and leave a thumbs up. That way, Cardmarket knows you like it, they want to keep making more content, subscribe, thumbs up and they will keep making it for you. Let's move onto some rules and there are not any particular rules. It is a pretty simple one where we are saying that the top five cards that should never be unbanned in Modern. It is pretty simple. Instead of a rule, I would like to give an explanation because somebody might leave a comment down below saying: “well, you clearly think all those other cards should be unbanned”. No. In fact, you have a completely different series called What would happen if...? I am sure Annika will leave a card somewhere on the screen right now if you want to go and check that out.
01:30 Just because a card does not make it onto the honorable mentions or the top five does not necessarily mean that I think it should be unbanned, but rather, it is a case of “you could see a world where it might, in a million years, be unbanned, but these top five, no way, they should never be unbanned no matter what. Moving on to the honorable mentions, I am giving the honorable mentions and number five at the same time because it is “pick your poison” for that one. Our top four are in a league of their own, completely broken. Never in a million years those four are going to be unbanned, but with number five, whilst I am not saying they should be unbanned, they are at least in a different league; a lower level of completely non-banneableness. Is that even a word? When it comes to the honorable mentions or number five, just pick your poison. Any of them could have taken the number five spot.
02:16 The only reason I have gone for number five Mental Misstep is because that makes very really crappy formats where if you do not play Mental Misstep you are probably not going to win. For those of you who have never seen it before, first of all we have got the first problem of Phyrexian mana which is always not a good thing. It came down to matchups where, if you did not play Mental Misstep, you had better not be playing any one drops. If you are playing it, you might have to Mental Misstep your opponent's Mental Misstep to counter that spell for one mana. It became a war of “who has the most Mental Misstep in hand was probably going to win going forward”. It was complete nonsense. Going back to the honorable mentions where you can pick one of these cards to replace with Mental Misstep if you like or even any other card “pick your poison”. I have personally chosen these few cards for the honorable mentions. First of all, I have gone for Chrome Mox. If you have learned anything for the likes of Mox Opal, zero mana artifacts, even though this one you cannot just exile an artifact from your hand, it is still quick free mana which is probably a problem in Modern. For me, it should not ever be in unbanned. If we have learned anything from Mox Opal is that zero-mana ramping artifacts are not very good for the format.
03:19 Next, we have got {c=Sensei’s Divining Top}. Whilst this card in particular is not especially broken, when you combine it with Counterbalance – which is also in modern – you are just opening up a can of worms where blue/white control would be unbeatable. My last card on the honorable mentions is probably the one card here which most people might disagree with that probably should be lower down in the tier list, but I thought it would be interesting to throw it on here because it is probably the only card that is broken: Skullclamp. For those of you who do not know this card, it was not meant to be designed like this. It was rushed out at the last minute and you just kill all of your own creatures to literally draw your entire deck I would assume. I have never seen this in Modern, I do not know, but it should not be unbanned just for that fact. Like I said, “pick your own poison” for the honorable mentions and number five. Those are a lower league from our top four. Although I really could call this “top four cards in Modern that would never be unbanned”, the series is called top five. It is breaking theme, isn’t it?
04:16 At number four, I have got Dig Through Time or Treasure Cruise, take whichever one you like, they are basically the same card for what you are trying to achieve in Modern. For those of you who do not remember, back to Khans of Tarkir Modern, almost every deck played one of these two cards. They were banned rather quickly because it became a case of you are splashing blue for these cards, or you are not winning. Even burn was playing islands in their deck because, then, they could use Treasure Cruise to draw three more cards. When these cards are banned in Legacy, restricted in Vintage, somewhat banned in Commander as well, we have a problem. These ones probably will never ever be unbanned.
04:54 At number three, I have got Oko, Thief of Crowns. Believe me, just because this one is at number three, it is not any more likely to be unbanned over number two or number one. In theory I am saying that it is more likely to be unbanned than the top two, but just because I have two pennies and you have one penny, in theory, I am richer than you, it does not mean that I am rich. Just because Oko, Thief of Crowns is at number three, it does not mean it is likely to be unbanned, and probably, never will be.
05:20 In fairness to the card – and I am being extremely kind here – at the very least you can say that it did make for a diverse meta in Modern because any deck would splash green and/or blue for it. This meant that many decks could play Oko. The problem there was if you did not play it, you were probably going to lose. The problem with Oko is not that every deck has to play it, it is more of a case of it shutting down many strategies in the format. If your opponent is playing a control deck and Oko, Thief of Crowns slipped through, they have got loads of counter spells they are going to draw from the top, which gettings worse and worse. It keeps making its own elk tokens and you are just going to fall so far behind on board that you will not win. On the flip side of that if you are playing an aggressive deck, gaining three life return, making elk tokens, if you have got a seven/six card Tarmogoyf, it is now a three/three elk. It was a massive problem and it, probably, will never be unbanned. Although I am being very kind to Oko, Thief of Crowns here to say that the actual card did make for a diverse meta because every deck could, in theory, play it, it does not necessarily mean that it was a good thing.
06:22 At number two, and again, a reminder. Just because it is number two and not number one, it does not mean that I think it should be unbanned or similar. It definitely should not be. I have got Eye of Ugin. If you do not remember Eldrazi winter, you were funneled into two types of decks. First of all, you have an Eldrazi deck. If that is Eye of Ugin, at least over our number one, it did make for various types of Eldrazi decks. You had blue/red you had colorless, mono-green. There were many different types of Eldrazi decks, but the key point there was you had to play an Eldrazi deck to get out fast Eldrazi. The only deck that could really compete at that particular time was Affinity because it could empty its hand with many flyers, make them huge, and kill the Eldrazi opponent before they can do anything; and even that did not always work if it had a slower hand. The only way I could see this card ever being unbanned – I am being massive rose-tinted glasses here, I am just trying to see the absolute perfect situation, which will probably never happen – is if we have good land destruction spells; either in the land base or something similar. Maybe Modern becomes ridiculously fast that Eye of Ugin would not even matter anymore.
07:28 That is why I could, in theory, see it being unbanned, but even then, we are talking 20 or 30 years into the future. It probably will never happen, and it should never happen. Eye of Ugin, many people will disagree with us, is at number two.
07:41 At number one, I am sure nobody is going to be shocked – the only one might be that it is not number two – is going to be Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis. It was just broken. At least with Eldrazi winter we cannot say that Eye of Ugin was a broken card. It is just a case of “there were many cards that synergized so well together to get such a ridiculous aggressive start that there is nothing you can really do against it”. With Hogaak, the card was just completely broken, and this card should absolutely never ever be unbanned. Most people thought “okay, I bring in Leyline of the Void against them, no problem”. The problem was that the Hogaak deck was not Dredge, it was not dredging over loads of cards that may accidentally put its own graveyard hate out of the side board into their own graveyard. Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis was playing Force of Vigor so that you could even get rid of two Leyline of the Void just for the low price of exiling a green card from your hand. Then, your opponent, who probably kept a hand based on that graveyard hate and has nothing. You could just cast Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis the next turn, it was that quick. You could go from no graveyard to 20 power onboard within a single turn. Hogaak will, and should, never be unbanned in Modern, and that is my take for this one.
08:51 What about you? Tell me down below, is there any card you can see that I missed that is probably less likely to be unbanned than Hogaak? I do not think there is, but you never know; I might be surprised. This top five was brought to you by Dan MTGTavern and with Cardmarket. This was the top five cards on the Modern ban list that will, and should, never be unbanned. I will see you next time!

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